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ENFIELD —  Ever since Samantha Barry can remember, she loved doodling, and nothing else interested her as much as drawing.

Today, the 17-year-old Enfield High School senior is planning a career in art and will attend the Maine School of Art and Design in the fall, where she’ll major in illustration.

Samantha also has a solo exhibition featuring eight pieces of art at the Pearl Street Library until June 10.

Her pieces include three traditional drawings, as well as five digital works that she created on her iPad.

In addition to her art classes at Enfield High School, Samantha has attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, where she studied watercolor, figure drawing, and still lifes.

These days, she tends to create digital art on her iPad with an app called Sketchbook. She loves the variety of brushes and pens the app gives her, and finds the spotlessness it provides preferable to cluttering up a desk or studio, or leaving spots to clean up on drawings.

“I know you’re supposed to get dirty as an artist, but I like my art to be clean,” Samantha said.

She likes to draw people in historical clothing, which she prefers to present-day outfits.

“I like anything other than the modern era,” she said.

Many of her ideas for the drawings come from watching YouTube channels that teach how to make dresses and from looking at art books.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from Disney styles,” Samantha said. “The style is a good blend of realism and cartoonism.”

She particularly likes Disney’s “Cinderella” from the 1950s.

“She’s not overly stylized,” Samantha said. “Her anatomy is correct but she definitely looks like a cartoon, which fits right in the middle of fantasy and reality.”

Samantha said her art doesn’t necessarily need to have a meaning behind it, so she just draws what makes her happy.

“If I’m told to have meaning behind my art, I can feel depressed because that often means concepts that are dreary,” she said.

Eventually, Samantha said she would like to have a career as a comic book artist or illustrator for books.

“Samantha Barry is an aspiring young artist who has been a constant in the art department during her tenure at Enfield High School,” said Christopher Scioscio, district art coordinator. “Sam has excelled in a variety of visual arts classes while enrolled at the high school, but her true strengths and interests lie in drawing and digital art, where she explores character and costume design.”

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