Yes, ‘Avengers’ Is Indeed Hiding Actual Exotic Gear In The Endgame

It took nearly a week but the Avengers players sprinting with one character straight into the endgame have discovered that the game is indeed hiding a final tier of loot in the highest difficulty activities in the game.

There is a tier above legendary in Avengers, and it’s red exotic gear, specialized drops for each character class, and a few of these are starting to trickle out into the wild, with a flood of them coming soon, I imagine.

Both that I’ve seen are 130 power or over, suggesting you need to get to around that point to get them to start dropping. I’m not entirely sure what activity drops them, but I believe high level Hives are meant to be a source.

The two shown seem to be built in with perks that all synergize with one another, in addition to offering hefty stat bonuses. Here’s the first confirmed exotic from redditor u/khaliltoo

Iron Man – Superior Mark XV Doom Fists

  • Light combo finishers trigger a burst of Plasma damage.
  • Light Signature attacks apply Plasma damage, dispersing Plasma energy on every impact.
  • 30% increased status damage for all Weapons.

So, a clear theme here with increased Plasma damage, and while again, these are not visible items on your character, the effects, in this case Plasma splashes, should be visible in combat.

Here’s another one via u/Kizzxh:

Captain America – Conduit of the Super Soldier

  • Ranged attacked deal Particle damage, Critical Attack hits deal additional Particle damage
  • Ranged attacks deal Particle damage, generating a field of Pym Particles that disperse on impact
  • 43.4% chance to Taunt an enemy after a successful ranged Power Attack

This one is all about stacking Pym Particles on an enemy which serves as a debuff, along with a taunt bonus to make sure that enemy comes straight after you, not your team.  

There are going to be a few more questions about exotics until more players get them, as we don’t know if they work like Destiny exotics where you can only use one at a time, or if you can stack a full slate of exotics. It’s also been confirmed exotic minor artifacts exist as well, alongside exotic major artifacts which players get relatively early.

As you can see from the Iron Man one, upgrading these exotics to max level is expensive in terms of materials. 25 Upgrade Modules from level 7 to 8? That’s insane. Start saving those, I guess.

Regardless, I am comforted to know this tier exists and that gear might start getting way better once we hit the true endgame at max level. I still have a ways to go, splitting time between characters, but this gives me hope for more interesting loot to come.

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