What to expect from Huawei Developer Conference 2020

What to expect from Huawei Developer Conference 2020

In a strange year there has never been a better time to make the most of new opportunities and uncover new digital paths that can bring us together.

From September 10-12, Huawei is helping us to do all that and more at this year’s Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (Together) live from its Songshan Lake headquarters in China. This is a huge moment for Huawei’s roadmap into 2021 and beyond. Contending with the Google services ban, the company has had to carve its own path with EMUI, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and its AppGallery, working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible for users and its own developer community. And through that effort, Huawei might just be building a sense of independence to choose its own destiny along the way.


Running with the theme “Together”, the event offers many opportunities for developers and partners to discover new lessons and new opportunities across the Huawei ecosystem. With over 1.4 million developers registered in its developer program there’s a massive community out there eager to dig deeper on what’s possible through HMS Core 5.0.

For general fans, tuning in for the keynote will reveal the latest features coming to the next version of Huawei’s EMUI and HarmonyOS. Watch closely and you’ll see the latest features that will land on your devices once the updates roll out across the networks.

After the keynote address to open the event, HDC 2020 features three key avenues of learning and development for its developers and partners – Tech Sessions, Tech Forum, and Codelabs. Hundreds of experts will be guiding the community across hundreds more sessions and online classes to help them make the most of the newest Huawei features.

Tech Sessions feature deep dive sessions that will help developers and partners learn about best practice work on the Huawei platform, covering 19 session options. From digging into the HMS Core systems, to making games, to augmented reality experiences. From fitness and health, to business and entertainment, to Huawei’s HiCar in-car integrations. Privacy, security, AI, and expanding access to international apps into the Chinese marketplace, there are so many areas to learn from in the Tech Sessions program. All 19 sessions will be streamed live for global audiences on September 11.

Codelabs is an even more technical set of sessions that will allow attendees to not just learn, but also get hands on with the latest techniques and technologies. These on-demand sessions walk you through engines, APIs, and services to give any developer a rock solid foundation for exploring the latest options in EMUI, HarmonyOS and HMS Core 5.0.

Finally, Tech Forum is where you can interact with other Huawei developers and partners to learn from each other or just socialise with those who are on the same path as you. You can also connect with Huawei experts and technicians to get technical questions answered. The forum links will also lead you to other Huawei developer resources, including the DevHub and the official Huawei developer Reddit (check it out here).

Preparing for what comes next is a bigger priority than ever before. So whether you’re a Huawei user or you’re looking to build amazing new experiences through Huawei devices, tune in for starting September 10 to see what’s coming next.

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