Top 10 most innovative companies within AI

6. DeepL Translator

Launced in 2017 and based in Cologne, German, DeepL Translator is a neural machine translation service. Its neural networks (NN) are able to capture nuances and reproduce them in translation. To assess the quality of its machine translation models, the company regularly conduct blind tests. In blind tests, professional translators select the most accurate translation without knowing which company produced it. DeepL outperforms competition by a factor of 3:1.

Since its launch, the company has been developing a new generation of NN using a novel design With this design, DeepL’s networks learn to grasp the subtle meanings of sentences and translate them to a target language in an unprecedented way. This has led to a world-renowned machine translation quality that surpasses all major tech companies.

5. Graphcore 

United Kingdom’s Graphcore develops Intelligence Process Unit (IPU) chips with the goal to accelerate machine learning applications. The processors are designed specifically for AI applications, allowing AI researchers to run current machine learning model orders faster. 

With its IPU technology, Graphore hopes to transform all industries and sectors and give them the real potential for positive societal impact from drug discovery and disaster recovery to decarbonisation. The IPU’s unique architecture lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next advances in machine intelligence.

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