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A set of the best computer speakers is a great move for any PC and gaming setup. In a world seemingly dominated by headsets, the best PC speakers still open up options for players of games, but also those who use their setups for everything else too. 

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Best computer speakers

A set of the best computer speakers is not a thing of the past anymore; while it did seem like the best gaming headsets and pc headsets for gaming were the only way forward a few years ago, there’s definitely a case to be made for having both now (budget dependent, of course).


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For example, I much prefer having a headset on for socially-distanced web chats at work, while I prefer to blast my music on my PC speakers. As for gaming, it depends on what I’m playing: for shooters, I prefer a headset to hear every footstep, but for strategy games like Total War or even some open worlds like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, I will turn to the best computer speakers to soak up the atmosphere more naturally as opposed to having it plugged directly into my brain (almost).

If you have the desk space and the budget, the best PC speakers can melt into your setup very pleasingly and quickly, offering great audio boons to your office or gaming area. And, given so many of the best computer speakers out there are made by some familiar names, it’s never been easier to match top-quality speakers to your existing gear.

Whatever you choose, when you team it with your favorite machine, (be it one of the best gaming laptops or one of the best gaming PCs like the ASUS ROG GA15 that I use in my setup) the results are fantastic.

The Logitech G560s are perennially and perpetually renowned as the best PC speakers. And that’s for a number of reasons, one of which – brace yourselves – is that these actually use RGB… tastefully. I know, shock news, right? Whereas we’re used to gaming gear having garish lighting and any excuse is made to slap some more RGB here and there, the Logitech G560 speakers use lighting to genuinely enhance their main function. Their lighting heightens immersion by providing rich color in a ‘normal’ RGB way, acting as an audio visualizer by matching in-media sounds and beats, or by matching what’s on-screen – like ambilight TVs – to create a cohesive lighting experience. Pushed against a wall at the back of a desk, and these will illuminate your setup very pleasingly. 

In addition, they actually sound very good too! A big plus when you’re looking at speakers, we know. For the two small satellites and one woofer, the sound is excellent and made better by the DTS:X Ultra surround sound which extends to 3D positional audio, heightening the immersion further. 

The subwoofer is large which is something to consider if you’re light on space, but otherwise allows for great bass audio. A great, great set of computer speakers for the price, and very worthy of the top spot here.

If you’re on the lookout for premium speakers then the Razer Nommo Pro system is perfect. It is premium in every way, from build-quality to design, and from audio quality to (inevitably) price. However, the quality speaks – and sounds – for itself here.

I have these speakers and use them every day for everything from Zoom calls to music (of all kinds) to gaming and watching TV or films. The audio is incredibly crisp, clear, and rich in all of the above. Teamed with Razer’s Synapse app, the customization and flexibility at your disposal increases exponentially and you can really tune the THX-certified audio to your precise liking. There’s also a control dial and switch which sits neatly on your desk and means you’re not reaching around every speaker for dials and buttons, which is obviously great. 

You will still have to get the positioning of the speakers right and they are quite sizeable, taking me by surprise when I received them (the woofer being a particularly large boi). But they are slick and chic and ooze that Razer aesthetic, and yes, including the RGB glow we all know and love.

During sales events, the Nommo Pro has been seen having price cuts of 40-50%, so when these do happen, that’s the time to get some serious bang for your buck in the computer speaker department. A great set of premium PC speakers.

This gaming soundbar is a great fit for your desk just under your monitor, especially if you don’t have a laptop between you getting in the way. While the 5.1 surround sound aspect is certainly overplayed, there is a left/right audio distinction that’s handy for playing competitive shooters, but only when sat at a desk – you’ll lose the distinction if playing on a TV from your couch. We’ve seen plenty of Razer headsets perform much better on the immersive audio front though, especially with something like the Razer Nari Ultimate. Though, given how compact the Leviathan is, the sound it provides is impressive.

The rumbling bass supplied by the large down-firing subwoofer adds some real weight to audio though, and not just explosions. Flying a helicopter around Hope County in Far Cry 5 really nailed that repetitive thwomp-thwomp of the blades as you flew over the deranged cultists.

The Razer Leviathan is TV/console-friendly and works especially well if your TV’s feet or table stand can’t accommodate a full-size soundbar. We would have liked the controls to light up while in use though, as they’re generally tilted away from you so it’s difficult navigating them before committing the buttons to memory. There’s also no visual representation of the volume making it very difficult setting ‘safe’ volume levels for different times of day – that subwoofer means you’ll want to be very careful of annoying the neighbors too. We experienced a very slight audio lag, using the Leviathan on our consoles and TV with all connection options, but muting the TV’s audio got rid of the irritating echo.

All in all, a nice tidy audio solution for a desktop gaming setup, that will have a decent crack at gaming and movies on your TV as well. Simple tap and connect NFC connections make it very useful for playing music from your phone too.

Given the price point of these speakers, the value here is undeniable. The T100s are extremely competent and a bit plain overall, but they are definitely worth the money. Let me explain. They have a very plain and ordinary aesthetic of just black, and no RGB, lighting, or flair to speak of. Even the remote is a plain-looking thing. However, the true qualities of the T100s are deceptive and lie underneath those plain exteriors. 

The remote is easy to use and comes with enough presets to activate, the speakers have a small footprint to reduce the need for lots of setup real-estate, and the connectivity is also good, with a Bluetooth option further reducing their need for space. The audio is also deceptively rich and strong. For speakers that at first look underwhelming, these ones can do it all, even in the absence of a dedicated woofer. Of course, they might not blow your socks off, but if you’re looking for something that can handle it all, and provide solid sound no matter the task without spending hundreds, then these are worthy of your consideration.

If you have a compact or slightly cramped space for gaming – or maybe you’re looking for something unfussy – then these are a great option, offering a desk-bound solution without breaking the bank.

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