Tech Refresh To Stay Secure

The Tech Refresh program allows customers to be a leader in compute technology while keeping their data secure. Dell PowerEdge Servers with AMD processors can serve fast-scaling enterprise environments.

“It allows them to explore with their customers exactly what are their plans with that asset. Are they hoping to Tech Refresh that to the latest generation of AMD and PowerEdge servers, so they can take advantage of all the incredible security technologies,” says Allen Clingerman, chief technology strategist, Server+Workloads, North America channels at Dell Technologies.

“You want to make sure that the technology keeps up with the times. And when you kind of look at where AMD has been over its short lifespan with EPYC over the last five years, each generation of product we’ve introduced for the datacenter as another additional capability to hardware-based security,” says David Melendrez, Dell global account manager at AMD.

The Tech Refresh Program allows channel partners to provide their customers with the most advanced Technology so they can be confident in knowing their growth and workload demands are met.

“We’ve streamlined and automated that process and put it into a new portal, so that everybody can go in and see the assets that are assigned to them that are ready to expire. And it includes both server and storage. So now they’ll be able to take advantage of all the new security enhancements and 15G and AMD together, against a set of older assets that a customer probably wants to start to think about refreshing,” says Clingerman.

You can learn more about the Tech Refresh Program at

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