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If You’re Only Looking at Tech, You’re Missing Profitable Opportunities

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As I told you last Friday, Technology stocks have been a great source of stock price appreciation since the market bottomed on March 23.

I’m sure we all have a collection of investments in the technology sector throughout our portfolios, and I’m sure you’re quite happy with your returns.

As I told you last Friday, The Information Technology Index returning a whopping 39.7% over the trailing year. And that includes the drop in September of 12.1%. One of the challenges is the fundamental valuation of the average underlying companies in the tech sector.

chart, line chart

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S&P Information Technology Index Price to Earnings, Price to Book & Price to Sales — Source Bloomberg Finance, L.P.

Many in the stock market continue to be laser-focused on technology stocks. The idea is that placing bets on tech makes for better returns, even if fundamentals are ignored along the way.

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When You Say There’s a Limited Pool of Black Talent, Here’s What You’re Revealing About Yourself

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

A few weeks ago, Charlie Scharf joined a list of executives who have revealed made it clear to their companies — and the public — that they have more work to do on their diversity and inclusion journey. The Wells Fargo CEO shared his views on the lack of representation at the bank, citing that there was “a very limited pool of Black talent to recruit from.” Scharf later issued an apology after swift media backlash, stating that it was “an insensitive comment reflecting my own unconscious bias.”  

Scharf is not the only executive to believe this to be true. “There just aren’t enough Black candidates.” “It’s not our organization’s issue, it’s clearly a pipeline issue.” “Look, I’m all for diverse talent, as long as they are good.” The underlying assumption being that we

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HP says its face-tracking, heart-rate enabled VR headset knows when you’re overwhelmed


The HP Omnicept Edition VR headset adds face tracking, eye tracking and heart rate in 2021.


Imagine you’re training to be a pilot or a doctor, experiencing a simulation in VR with convincing images and tools that feel like the real thing. And not only do you get to know how you did afterwards, but you can see how you focused, what your pulse rate was and maybe even what you were feeling. 

VR headsets like Oculus Quest don’t look inwards to measure what we’re experiencing as we try new things, but some business-targeted VR headsets already have eye tracking to measure what a wearer might be looking at or interested in. The HP Omnicept, a new VR training platform announced today, goes further: It measures eye movement, face and lip movement, pupil size and even heart rate. It’s on target for release in 2021 and points to

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You’re split about what the OnePlus 8T should be

OnePlus 8 Pro vs OnePlus 8 backs

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 8T is coming next month, penning an October 14 reveal date for the latest flagship. Unfortunately, it’s rumored that the OnePlus 8T won’t be joined by a Pro model.

This would mark the first time since 2018’s OnePlus 6T that we don’t see a Pro model alongside a standard OnePlus flagship. This got us wondering about the possible route OnePlus could take with the upcoming phone.

Could the company make the OnePlus 8T a more premium device in line with the Pro phones? Would the phone go for the more affordable route as we’ve seen with other vanilla variants? We put this question to Android Authority readers, and here’s what they thought.

What should OnePlus do with the OnePlus 8T?


We published our poll on September 7, and over 4,500 readers

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iPhone owners, you’re in for a treat

After installing iOS 14 on your iPhone , you may ask yourself, where do I even begin? Well, you’re in for a treat. Apple’s update contains a bevy of new features that will change the way you use your phone — for the better. In many ways, this is Apple’s most involved visual face lift in years. 

a close up of a toy: We're already finding iOS 14 features we absolutely love. Patrick Holland/CNET

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We’re already finding iOS 14 features we absolutely love. Patrick Holland/CNET

© Jason Cipriani/CNET

iOS 14 is still in preview, but we’re already finding features we absolutely love. 

From an Android-like app drawer to iMessage improvements and widgets for your home screen, there’s a lot to start using right away. 

If you haven’t updated yet, take some time to get your iPhone ready before you install the iOS update. Below

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AT&T Mulls Discounted Phone Plans … If You’re Cool With Ads

How do you like the idea of a cheaper cell phone plan in exchange for having occasional ads pushed front and center on your device?

Well, it’s a move that AT&T is thinking about making in the next year or two.

Speaking to Reuters on Tuesday, September 15, AT&T CEO John Stankey revealed for the first time that the telecommunications giant is considering discounts for ads.

“I believe there’s a segment of our customer base where given a choice, they would take some load of advertising for a $5 or $10 reduction in their mobile bill,” Stankey told the news outlet.

The CEO suggested AT&T’s plan to launch an ad-supported tier of HBO Max 2021 would help the company to design the framework for phone plans subsidized by ads, though he reportedly steered clear of explaining precisely how the system might work.

However, Stankey did reveal that AT&T engineers are

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How You Succeed In Consulting When You’re Competing With Industry Heavyweights

Succeeding in launching a new consulting firm, especially in an industry ruled by dynasty firms or cutthroat young startups, is a complicated undertaking. 

While there are many elements that have to be just right if a firm is going to bring in clients—excellent staff, strong processes, etc.—the most important of these is the ability to build trust. 

After all, there’s no shortage of consultants who offer most, if not all, the same services your brand-new firm does. So how do you get them to pick you? 

In my experience, it all boils down to building trust. If you can build deep trust with a client, they’ll choose you over your competitors every time—even if that competitor has a shiny new hire or brand-new analysis tool. 

I wanted to hear from

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