yellowHEAD Launches SaaS Version of Its Alison Creative Insight Technology

yellowHEAD, a performance marketing company, today launched a cloud-based version of Alison, its ad creative insights platform, and a Competitive Intelligence feature that enables Alison to provide insights on the performance of creative within competitors’ ad campaigns

Alison combines computer vision technology and machine learning to help advertisers understand which creative elements drive the best performance for ad campaigns across Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and other channels. By analyzing dozens of parameters from an advertisement’s creative, such as characters, imagery, color, copy, sound and more, Alison enables advertisers to understand which elements work best based on full-funnel campaign metrics like click-through rates, conversions, cost-per-action, first-time-deposit rate, and overall ROI.

The feature set includes the following:

  • Element Identification: A combination of human intelligence and computer vision technology enables Alison to accurately identify unique creative elements such as characters, colors, music, text and much more.
  • Intelligent Recommendations: Alison delivers immediate and actionable recommendations
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