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Xiaomi’s new India products include a speaker, a soap dispenser, and shoes

Xiaomi has announced a wide range of new products for India under the tagline “smarter living,” further pushing the devices in its ecosystem beyond smartphones. Some of them have already gone on sale in China in altered form, but they’re all new for India.

First up is the Mi Watch Revolve, which looks very similar to a product sold in China as the Mi Watch Color, which was itself almost identical to the Amazfit GTR. The Revolve has a 1.39-inch round OLED screen with 326 ppi, and Xiaomi is claiming up to a week’s battery life.

It’s not clear what software the Revolve is running, but in screenshots it looks similar to what ships on Amazfit watches like the T-rex, and it certainly isn’t Wear OS. Amazfit is part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem, so it’d make sense for software to be shared at least to some extent.

The Mi Watch Revolve

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Xiaomi’s under-display camera tech will ship in smartphones next year

Xiaomi intends to start mass-producing smartphones equipped with its under-display camera technology next year, the company announced today. This is technically the third generation of the technology Xiaomi has developed, the company says, although the first and second versions it produced have yet to find their way into a mass-market consumer device.

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According to Xiaomi, its latest version of the technology works by allowing the selfie camera to see through the gaps in the display’s sub-pixels, which are the red, green, and blue dots that combine to make each pixel. Xiaomi says that the area of the display above the camera has the same density of pixels as the rest of the screen, so it can “perfectly disguise” the selfie camera underneath. It adds that the selfie camera itself should match the performance of more typical front-facing cameras.

a screen shot of a video game: A diagram from Xiaomi shows how its new under-display tech compares to other versions.

© Image: Xiaomi
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