WWE 2K Battlegrounds Has Free Post-Launch DLC

2K Games latest WWE venture isn’t the simulation-style romp fans have come to expect. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is an arcade-style fighter, and aside from gameplay, 2K is also doing things a bit differently when it comes to post-launch content.

With WWE wrestling games, fans have come to expect massive rosters, and Battlegrounds comes with over 70 at launch. And with post-launch, players will be getting more than 60 more wrestlers to bring to the ring.

However, in order to get these new wrestlers, you won’t have to pay an additional fee. “All of it is free updates,” Sean O’Connor executive producer, publishing at 2K Games told GameSpot. “You don’t even have to go download DLC. The game will just update, and there’ll be new stuff to unlock and explore and play with.”

There haven’t been any other announcements about post-launch content aside from the previously revealed wrestlers, but there will

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