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Thousands Of Sea Creatures Found Dead 5 Miles From Wakashio Wreck

The true scale of the devastating Wakashio oil spill is only just becoming apparent to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Thousands of sea creatures have turned up dead around a small coral atoll five miles South West of the Wakashio wreck, called Ilot Brocus.

Local environmental NGO, Reef to Roots, were at the location of Ilot Brocus, a protected coral atoll, when they noticed how many sea creatures had died.

The videos, that have been widely circulated by local news in Mauritius since Monday September 28, describe the scene at low tide between the beach of Le Bouchon and Ilot Brocus the weekend prior.

Jose Berchand, Vice President of Reef to Roots explains what he saw. “At low tide between Le Bouchon beach and Ilot Brocus, there is a terrible smell. There are many sea

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Early college football DFS picks October 3: Wreck em Tech!

college football dfs

Sam Ehlinger of the Texas Longhorns. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

College football DFS quarterback picks October 3:

Top Tier:

Sam Ehlinger gets the slight edge over Kyle Trask because of running ability, but you really can’t go wrong with Trask either. South Carolina will provide a little more resistance than Ole Miss did. I’ll pay for Ehlinger first in a much easier matchup for him. Trask may have the best arm of the upper tier though.

Don’t sleep on Brady White. SMU’s defense is once again a sore spot and Memphis has shown they are going to throw more this year. The bad news is that Memphis hasn’t played in almost a month. If they come out sloppy, SMU could capitalize. I’m still not paying that much for Buechele with other really good options quite a bit cheaper than he is.

Desmond Ridder could wind up as one of

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4 Stocks to Buy if the Stock Market Tech Wreck Continues

This has been a history-making year in more ways than one. The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic initially clobbered equities and sent them into a first-quarter tailspin. The 34% the benchmark S&P 500 lost in under five weeks represents the quickest bear market decline of at least 30% in history.

Following this historic plunge, investors saw the S&P 500 recoup everything that was initially lost (and then some) in a roughly five-month rally. This marked the quickest recovery on record from a bear market bottom to fresh highs.

A green stock chart plunging deeply into the red, with quotes and percentages in the background.

Image source: Getty Images.

Now history appears to be repeating itself. You see, over the past eight bear markets dating back to 1960, there have been a grand total of 13 corrections ranging between 10% and 19.9% within three years. This is to say that bear market bounces don’t simply go straight up. Every bounce inevitably leads to one or two sizable corrections.


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Wreck of 17th-Century Danish Warship Found in the Baltic Sea | Smart News

Marine archaeologists have located the wreck of a Danish warship defeated at sea approximately 376 years ago, reports the German Press Agency (DPA).

Per a statement from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, the Delmenhorst sank during the Battle of Fehmarn, an October 1644 maritime clash between Christian IV’s Danish forces and a joint Swedish-Dutch fleet.

Researchers using multibeam sonar spotted the Delmenhorst’s remains while surveying the Fehmarn Belt, a strait in the western part of the Baltic Sea, ahead of construction of a planned underwater tunnel connecting northern Germany to the Danish island of Lolland. The wreck had come to rest just 500 feet from Lolland’s southern shore, at a depth of some 11.5 feet.

shipwreck found using sonar
Multibeam sonar located the ship’s distinctive outline on the sea floor.

(Femern A / S)

A decisive victory for the Swedes, the Battle of Fehmarn—and the Danes’ loss of the broader Torstenson War—signaled

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The Tech Wreck Is Just What Advanced Micro Devices Needed

a close up of a device: AMD Stock is Going From Strength to Strength but Beware of Its Valuation

© Source: Akura Yochi / Shutterstock.com
AMD Stock is Going From Strength to Strength but Beware of Its Valuation

As the calendar turned to September, shares of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) were looking overvalued. The last time I wrote about AMD stock was right before the company reported its second-quarter earnings. At the time, I felt that the stock was a buy despite that fact that it was up over 50% for the year at that time.

a close up of electronics: AMD Stock is Going From Strength to Strength but Beware of Its Valuation

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AMD Stock is Going From Strength to Strength but Beware of Its Valuation

Since the earnings report, AMD stock has been on a tear. In fact, on Sep. 1, 2020, shares closed above $92. But since then, the stock has been part of the selloff that’s overtaking the tech sector. Shares of AMD are trading around $81 as of this writing.

Yes, it’s accurate to say that

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