Quantum thermometer using nanodiamonds senses a ‘fever’ in tiny worms C. elegans

Get diamonds, take temperature
Temperature of C. elegans measured via tracking of embedded nanodiamonds. Credit: Masazumi Fujiwara, Osaka City University

A team from Osaka City University, in collaboration with other international partners, has demonstrated a reliable, precise, microscope-based thermometer using quantum technology that measures the temperature fo microscopic animals. The technology detects temperature-dependent properties of quantum spins in fluorescent nanodiamonds.

The research is published in Science Advances.

The optical microscope is one of the most basic tools for analysis in biology, using visible light to to observe microscopic structures directly. In the modern laboratory, fluorescence microscopy, an enhanced version of optical microscopy using fluorescent biomarkers, is now more widespread. Recent advancements in fluorescence microscopy have allowed for live imaging of the details of a structure, and through this, obtaining various physiological parameters in these structures, such as pH, reactive oxygen species and temperature.

Quantum sensing is a technology that exploits the ultimate sensitivity

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