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Google rebrands G Suite as Google Workspace, starts rolling out new UI


Google is giving G Suite a new look and new brand as it emerges as Google Workspace in a bid to capture the work-from-anywhere vibe.

The crux of the rebranding effort is that “this is the end of the ‘office’ as we know it,” according to Javier Soltero, vice president and general manager of Google Workspace. Soltero launched Workspace at Google Cloud’s Next OnAir EMEA keynote.

One problem with the umbrella brand is that its productivity and collaboration apps may rhyme too much with Workplace by Facebook.

G Suite has been widely successful and Google Workspace hits the ground with more than 6 million business customers. But Google Workspace is battling a crowded field. For instance, applications like Slack are stealing some of the thunder from email. Microsoft Teams is combined with Microsoft Office 365 to be a powerhouse. And companies like Zoom can leverage video conferencing into more collaboration

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Google Workspace is the new name for Google’s productivity suite

graphical user interface, application, PowerPoint: Google is rebranding its tools again, again.

Google is rebranding its tools again, again.

Google is rebranding its productivity tools in an attempt to better cater for people who are working from home. G Suite, itself formerly Google Apps, is being rechristened as Google Workspace, with new logos and branding but not much else. The idea is to make it clear in people’s minds that this is the one place you can go to get all of the tools the company offers and highlighting the new messaging features inside Gmail.


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Speaking of which, Gmail (as well as everything else) is getting a new logo that ditches the envelope in favor of a new colorful M. The logo shift is meant to represent the tweaks made to the service earlier this year, with the incorporation of video conversations and real-time chat. Google is also highlighting the improvement of collaboration tools inside the platform, which now revolves

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G Suite is now Google Workspace

Google is rebranding G Suite, its set of online productivity and collaboration tools for businesses that include the likes of Gmail, Drive, Docs and Meet. The new name is Google Workspace, a name the company already hinted at when it first introduced a set of new collaboration tools and Google Meet integrations for the service earlier this year. Now those new tools are coming out of preview and with that, the company decided to also give the service a new name and introduce new logos for all the included productivity apps, which are now being used — and paid for — by more than 6 million businesses.

Image Credits: Google

G Suite, as the brand for Google’s paid offering, originally launched in 2016. In a press briefing ahead of today’s announcement, Google’s Javier Soltero, the company’s VP and GM for what is now Google Workspace, noted that the company wanted

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Introducing AVWorks – AV Magazine’s free virtual workspace conference

The way everyone works has changed forever and AV technology is helping enable this new world of work. Business success in the post-Covid world will rely on AV technology to power collaborative, connected workspaces; technology that will unite dispersed workers, ignite creativity and power productivity.

AV Magazine’s new virtual conference, AVWorks will bring together everyone involved in today’s fast-paced AV revolution – AV innovators and cross-sector decision makers focused on the office space: occupiers, landlords, developers, architects, consultants, integrators, and facilities management firms.

Powered by technology and driven by workforce demands for flexibility, connectivity and style, the office space sector has long been an incubator for AV innovation. Now, thrust to the forefront by the global crisis, AV technologies are coming into their own as vital business tools and the source of strategic advantage.

Be part of the AV-powered workspace revolution, head over to the AVWorks website and register to

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