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iPhones won’t come with headphones or power adapters in the box from now on

That drawer full of bad headphones and extra power adapters for your phone won’t get any more cluttered if you decide to pick up a new iPhone 12. Apple will no longer include those items in the box, part of a redoubled effort to reduce its environmental footprint.

In a segment of its iPhone-centric event today, Apple’s Lisa Jackson explained that the company is hoping to have “net zero climate impact” globally by 2030, meaning everything from manufacturing and assembly to packaging and device recycling will be carbon neutral. Achieving that means relying more on solar power and efficient operations, of course, but also reducing waste.

To that end the company will no longer include the familiar white headphones that have come in the box since the early days of the iPhone, nor the standard outlet adapter for the power cable.

“Customers already have over 700 million Lightning headphones,

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New models won’t have power adapter, headphones


According to Decluttr, current iPhone models are estimated to drop 15% in value, on average, within the first month of the iPhone 12 launch.


As usual, Apple’s unveiling of its next wave of iPhones got a lot of attention. But some carping arose about a few things not included in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro smartphones box: earphones and a charging adapter.

The iPhone 12 Pro (starting at $999) and iPhone 12 ($799), both available for preorder Friday (to ship out Oct. 23), will not come with wired EarPod headphones or the charging adapter (the little square), which links a device’s Lighting input and a USB power adapter. The same goes for the iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max models, which go up for preorder Nov. 6, and launch Nov. 13.

Apple says it is removing those accessories to lessen iPhone packaging, reduce carbon emissions,

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The best deals you won’t want to miss

Amazon Prime Day 2020 has finally arrived! (Photo: Bose/iRobot)

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There’s not a whole lot that’s been “normal” about this year, and Amazon Prime Day 2020 has been no exception. The annual mega-savings event, which is regularly held in July, was pushed back to October so that the retailer could prepare to safely operate amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the big day has finally, finally arrived, and we’re here to tell you that it was every bit worth the wait—and then some! 

MORE: Prime Day kicks off holiday shopping season

With thousands of jaw-dropping markdowns on everything from the best streaming devices on the market to our favorite headphones of all time, it’s nearly impossible to get through all of these deals in just one day—which is exactly why these savings will

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Virginia Tech safety Tyree Rodgers won’t play the rest of the season | Virginia Tech

Deablo and Jenkins were both out of the line against North Carolina, and Chamarri Conner was ejected from the game in the first quarter on a targeting call. Walk-on Tyler Matheny filled in for Deablo the last two weeks at free safety while Tech rotated in a handful of players at boundary safety for Jenkins.

Linebacker Alan Tisdale ended the game at safety alongside Matheny.

“We’re drawing stuff up on the sideline trying to get 11 people out there,” Fuente said. “It was like eighth-grade football – that’s what it was. So, I hate it for our kids, but that was the situation we were in, and Alan went out there and did the best he could.

Fuente expects Deablo to be back in the lineup against Boston College. Chatman and Taylor both played against North Carolina as did starting cornerback Jermaine Waller, who missed the first two games still

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Epic Won’t Get Immediate Access To App Store

A federal judge Friday (Oct.9) denied a request by Epic Games to make Apple reinstate Epic’s Fortnite game on its App Store before a lawsuit Epic brought against Apple is resolved at trial, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Epic sued Apple in August, accusing the technology giant of violating laws that restrict anti-competitive behavior. The suit, filed in federal court for the Northern District of California, alleges Apple has harmed both game-makers and payment processors and asks the court to compel Apple to grant easier access to the App Store.

Apple denied the allegations.

With the case grinding its way toward a scheduled May 2021 trial, Epic in August asked the court to issue a preliminary injunction making Apple open the App Store to Fortnite on a temporary basis. To prevail, Epic had to show both that it would suffer irreparable

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Fortnite: Epic Games vs. Apple Trial Date Set, Won’t Use Jury

A trial date has been set for Epic Games vs. Apple following an extended and public disagreement over the latter company’s alleged monopolization of iOS digital marketplaces. Epic Games initially filed suit immediately after Fortnite was removed from the App Store for violating its payment rules.

The case will be held as a bench trial, meaning there will be no jury, and begins on May 3, 2021. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the court has not yet decided whether the trial will be held in-person or virtually. The decision to use a bench trial was also influenced by the pandemic, as a backlog of jury trial cases would have pushed it into next summer.

Epic Games has argued that by not allowing outside companies to run their own digital stores on iOS devices, Apple has effectively created a monopoly. It takes a sizeable portion of every digital profit on the

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meet the Canadian investors who won’t put their money into Facebook or Amazon

Tobacco. Assault weapons. Oil — and any other product or company that contributes to climate change.

That’s the list of industries so-called ethical investors typically avoid, preferring to put their money into stocks of companies that do no harm.

But a couple of new names have joined the toxic list, according to Toronto-based ethical investment advisor Tim Nash.

“The top two companies that tend to get flagged these days as ethically questionable are Facebook and Amazon,” said Nash.

Reports of Amazon’s poor labour practices have made headlines while Jeff Bezos’s billions have grown, and Facebook. “has stoked the division around very contentious issues, whether it’s Black Lives Matter or climate change,” he said.

Add the recent antitrust report by American lawmakers that said big tech companies including Apple and Google abuse their “monopoly” power, and some investors are turning up their noses. 

According to TD Securities, 2020 will be a

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Sony finally reveals which PS4 games won’t work on PS5

Sony has been saying for months that the vast majority of PS4 games will work on PS5 through backwards compatibility, and it’s good to get some clarity on those that won’t work. Microsoft, on the other hand, says titles going all the way back to the original Xbox will work on Xbox Series X and Series S.

There are some other details about the PS5 backwards compatibility on Sony’s support page. Some PS4 games will get a bit of an upgrade, thanks to the PS5’s Game Boost feature, which seems similar to the PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode. Compatible titles will run more smoothly and/or have a higher frame rate.

Certain features in some titles might not work on PS5 (though Sony didn’t go into specifics), and you might run into “errors or unexpected behavior” while playing PS4 games. The company suggests testing your PS4 games on PS5 before buying any

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You won’t regret using this new iPhone feature in iOS 14

The next time you use your iPhone to place a food order, rent a bike at a kiosk or set up a smart lightbulb, you may not have to set up yet another app on your phone. iOS 14’s new App Clips feature is a miniature version of the full app that will save you time and storage space.

graphical user interface, application: Panera Bread's App Clip means you don't need the full app to place an order. Jason Cipriani/CNET

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Panera Bread’s App Clip means you don’t need the full app to place an order. Jason Cipriani/CNET

App Clips offer a subset of features you can find in any given application. Without downloading or installing an entire app, you can still use just a “slice” of it for a basic, and one-off purpose, like renting a tourist bike in a new town, placing a reservation at your favorite restaurant or setting up your new robot vacuum cleaner, all without having to install a new app every

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Microsoft digs at Apple with 10 principles for app store fairness, but they won’t apply to Xbox

Microsoft published and committed to following a list of 10 principles in its treatment of third-party apps on Windows, capitalizing on the ongoing backlash against Apple over the iPhone maker’s revenue sharing policies and restrictions on cloud streaming services in the iOS App Store.

The commitments include giving developers “the freedom to choose whether to distribute their apps for Windows through our app store,” and promising to allow competing app stores on Windows. In addition, Microsoft said in the post that it “will not block an app from Windows based on a developer’s business model or how it delivers content and services, including whether content is installed on a device or streamed from the cloud.”

The principles, published Thursday morning by Rima Alaily, Microsoft deputy general counsel, largely restate Microsoft’s existing practices. The company says it’s building on the ideas of the Coalition for App Fairness, which includes Epic Games,

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