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Lessons From From Fintech Revolutions Of The Past And Winning Post-COVID

Matt Harris, partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Michael Tae, corporate vice president and head of strategy at Broadridge, look back on two recent crises for lessons on how disruption can lead to rapid change, opportunity and a new status quo, with an eye towards what might be post-Covid.

The suggestion that every crisis also brings an opportunity has been attributed to everyone from Einstein to Churchill to JFK. But perhaps nobody understands this phenomenon better than Mother Nature.

Take the 140-year-old tiny aquatic invertebrate, the bryozoan, which remained exactly the same for 40 million years and then suddenly experienced a vast diversification – perhaps a result of an abrupt change in sea levels or atmospheric temperature – followed by millions more years in stasis. The bryozoan illustrates the scientific principle of punctuated equilibrium, proposed by natural historians Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould to describe how a long-standing,

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China is winning the war for global tech dominance

When the United Kingdom announced in July that it no longer would allow the Chinese technology firm Huawei to be part of its 5G telecommunications network, it was considered to be a success for the Trump administration’s lobbying of its closest ally. Other countries such as Australia and Japan also have effectively banned the company, echoing Washington’s fears of a potential national security threat.

shape, background pattern: China is winning the war for global tech dominance

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China is winning the war for global tech dominance

Unfortunately for those hawkish on Huawei, the vast majority of the world remains open to using the company’s technology. Huawei has a presence in more than 170 countries, including dozens in Europe, and even Canada has yet to be persuaded to block the Chinese Communist Party-linked company.

This is a reflection of the reality that America finds itself in today – namely, that China appears to be winning the war to build the

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Uber gets 18-month London license after winning court appeal


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Uber can continue operating in London after winning court appeal

The UK’s App Drivers and Couriers Union (ACDU) has “cautiously” welcomed the court’s decision, but believes London mayor Sadiq Khan should take further action and limit the number of licensed drivers on the platform. “Such reductions, achieved through attrition, are necessary to ensure Uber can comfortably meet its compliance obligations including worker rights whilst giving TfL the breathing space necessary so that it can comfortably meet its responsibilities to ensure that Uber drivers and the travelling public are protected,” the union said in a press release.

The two organisations have been at loggerheads since September 2017. TfL refused to reissue Uber’s licence because it wasn’t happy with some of the company’s actions and procedures. The regulator didn’t like how Uber reported serious criminal offences and conducted driver checks, for instance. It was also unimpressed with the company’s use of ‘Greyball’ software which helped drivers evade the authorities by tagging known

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Malaysia Stock Market Tipped To Extend Winning Streak

(RTTNews) – The Malaysia stock market has finished higher in two straight sessions, gathering more than a dozen points or 0.8 percent along the way. The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index now rests just beneath the 1,510-point plateau and it’s looking at another green light again on Monday.

The global forecast for the Asian markets is upbeat, with technology stocks expected to lead the markets higher amidst bargain hunting. The European markets were mixed and the U.S. bourses were sharply higher and the Asian markets figure to follow the latter lead.

The KLCI finished modestly higher on Friday as more huge gains from the rubber glove makers were capped by weakness from the plantations and telecoms, while the financials were mixed.

For the day, the index gained 8.34 points or 0.56 percent to finish at 1,509.14 after trading between 1,505.05 and 1,516.00. Volume was 5.172 billion shares worth 3.959 billion ringgit.

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Oracle leaps 8% after reportedly winning partnership bid for TikTok’s US operations

  • Oracle jumped as much as 8% on Monday following reports that the firm won bidding for a partnership with TikTok’s US business.
  • The news comes after the White House threatened to ban the ByteDance-owned app on data security concerns if it didn’t sell its US arm to an American business.
  • Microsoft was Oracle’s biggest threat in reaching a deal, but the firm said Sunday it won’t be joining ByteDance in a partnership.
  • The deal is unlikely to involve a sale, The Wall Street Journal reported, though Oracle is expected to take a stake in TikTok.
  • Watch Oracle trade live here.

Oracle surged as much as 8% on Monday after multiple news outlets reported the company won the bidding to partner with TikTok’s US arm.

The news follows an intense race among major tech companies to take the social media giant under their wings. Microsoft, which planned a joint

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Flee Earth With Winning Images From the 2020 Astronomy Photographer of Year Competition

The prestigious Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition has announced the winning photos of its 2020 contest. From galaxies and star-forming nebulae through to planets, aurorae, and annoying satellite trails, these photos remind us that Earth is but a peculiar speck in the vastness of space.

This is the 12th running of the photo contest, which is managed by Royal Observatory Greenwich in association with BBC Sky at Night Magazine and Insight Investment. For this year’s contest, judges had to pore over and shortlist 5,000 entries gathered from six continents.

French photographer Nicolas Lefaudeux’s stunning picture of the Andromeda galaxy (pictured up top) earned him the overall top prize of £10,000 ($12,860). Lefaudeux’s composition makes it appear as if the Andromeda galaxy—the closest galaxy to our own—is at arm’s length, even though it’s 2 million light-years away. The photographer created this tilt-shift effect by 3D-printing a part that

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