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German Agency Awards New Onshore Wind, Solar Power Licences | Investing News

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Germany’s network agency said on Wednesday it had awarded licences to build 677 megawatts (MW) of renewable power installations under the first so-called innovation tender that promotes combining generation and storage activities.

The authority is trying to reverse a lull in applications for green power projects that threatens progress in the country’s green energy transformation.

Interest has fallen sharply since 2017, when generous 20-year feed-in tariff guarantees, awarded under a 2000 law to promote renewables, were abandoned in favour of an auction-based programme.

The innovation tenders – introduced and held alongside regular auctions for new capacity – are meant to reward storage technology aimed at relieving transport grids of the stress arising from the intermittency of green power.

The aim is to create incentives for utilities and equipment makers to invest within a secure framework, although the sector must ultimately become self-financing.

The Bundesnetzagentur energy markets regulator

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Quieter wind beneath the wings

Quieter wind beneath the wings
KAUST researchers are using simulations to better understand how airborne vehicles generate noise with the aim of reducing it. Credit: KAUST

Efficiently simulating the noise generated by wings and propellers promises to accelerate the development of quieter aircraft and turbines.

A new simulation approach has enabled a first practical, and highly accurate, computation of the noise characteristics of complex three-dimensional airfoil designs under extreme operating conditions. By shortening simulations that would have taken months or weeks to run to just days or hours, the new approach could accelerate the development of quieter airfoil designs to enable the next generation of aircraft and urban airborne vehicles.

“Aircraft noise is already a problem for many communities located near major airports, and this will only get worse with the expanded use of drones and, in the future, air taxis and private airborne vehicles,” says Radouan Boukharfane, a postdoc at KAUST.

Airfoils—wings, propellers and

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Wingsail Technology Uses Wind To Reduce Ships’ Emissions By 30%

Shipowners and operators may be able to decrease their fuel-related costs and pollutant emissions up to 30%, thanks to a new system created by Bound4blue.

The Spanish company aims at delivering automated wind assisted propulsion systems (also called wingsails) that can be integrated onto a wide range of vessels. The project was founded by Cristina Aleixendri, David Ferrer and José Miguel Bermúdez.

“The three of us are aeronautical engineers, which clearly served as the foundation of the technology developed,” Bermúdez says. “We found soft sails installed in sailing boats or yachts, but none in commercial vessels. We believed we could apply our knowledge in aeronautics to build a high-lift device for the shipping industry adapted to its requirements, that could be the solution to the two showstopper challenges they are facing: high fuel operating expenses and emissions reduction pressure from international entities.”

Before Bound4blue, the co-founders worked

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