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Spotify Developing iOS 14 Widgets in Latest Beta

One of the big new features of iOS 14 is Home Screen widgets, which provide information from apps at a glance. The ‌widgets‌ can be pinned to the ‌Home Screen‌ in various spots and sizes, allowing for many different layouts.

Image credit: Reddit user AustinMauritz

Many third-party apps have released ‌widgets‌, and now evidence that Spotify is developing its own official widget has appeared in a TestFlight beta.

The widget is currently available in small and medium sizes, with the former designed to display the artwork of the last played artist, song, or album, while the latter size shows four of the same content elements.

Unfortunately there are no play, pause, or next song buttons, since Apple only allows ‌widgets‌ to present read-only information, with interactive elements such as scrolling elements or switches not allowed, presumably due to battery life considerations.

Image credit: Reddit user Lupolo

Instead, both ‌widgets‌ include

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What the Tech? iOS widgets | What The Tech?

Since the iPhone first came on the scene 11 years ago, they’ve all looked the same. Little icons for apps covering the home screen, and if you’re anything like me, your home screen pages are a mess, leaving me to scroll endlessly looking for the app I need.

Apple has once again copied a feature of Android phones, letting people customize their phone. It’s with widgets.

They’re really cool, here’s how they work:

Widgets are just large icons. They’re three sizes — small, medium and large — that can sit on your homescreen. There are widgets for time, calendar, news, weather…you’ll find them by swiping right.

You should see pre-installed widgets. Scroll to the bottom, tap “edit” and scroll down again to tap “customize.” You’ll be able to add widgets from this screen and put them in order. Choose the apps you use most often.

Now, this is where widgets

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