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Where’s the iPhone 12, Apple? All the new Apple products we’re still waiting for

Apple has announced its newest iPhone during a September media event every year since 2012’s iPhone 5. During the 2020 Apple event last month, we got new Apple Watch and iPad models, and a bundled subscription service, but no new iPhone. That shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, as a delay has been rumored for months now, and the conventional wisdom says the iPhone 12 will be announced at an October event

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Get ready for the iPhone 12 now, instead of waiting until the last minute. 

© Angela Lang/CNET

Get ready for the iPhone 12 now, instead of waiting until the last minute. 

The iPhone isn’t the only missing-in-action update or new launch we’ve been waiting for. These are some of the things we didn’t see in September, but that might (or might not) show up before the end of the year.

What we didn’t see (yet)

iPhone 12: Everyone knows this is coming, and

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Where’s the Stock Market Headed Into Year-End? A Technical Look and Strategy

The stock market is a never-ending marvel. It never ceases to amaze new students and long-time observers and analysts alike. It has captured my interest since I was ten years of age when my late Uncle Sydney showed me how to read the Wall Street Journal.

While the securities business and stock trading has changed dramatically over the 50 years I have been involved there have been some constants that have marked tops and bottoms if you look close enough and learn to be flexible.

The U.S. stock market has been in a secular uptrend since the end of 2008/beginning of 2009. A secular uptrend comprises a number of cycles to the upside. There was a secular bull market from 1982 to 2000 where the DJIA rose some 1,400%. This current secular uptrend has further to go after this medium-term top runs its course.

A Kitchin cycle of 40

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