Google Pledges $1bn to News Publishers for News Showcase; WFA Reports Fall in Paused Ad Spend

In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates in ad tech from around the globe. In this edition: Google pledges to pay news publishers $1bn for their content; the WFA reports a decrease in the number of companies pausing ad spend; the US House of Representatives calls for big tech to be broken up; and the chief of the EU Commission says she will look at imposing more injunctions to resolve antitrust cases.

Google pledges to pay news publishers $1bn for content


Tech behemoth Google has announced that it intends to pay news publishers USD $1bn (£772.5m) in licensing fees over the next 3 years. The arrangement forms part of the company’s plans for Google News Showcase, an extension of its current licensing program that aims to offer a “different kind of online news experience” by enabling the search giant to provide readers with curated news content.


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