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Mobile AI technology from Saykara helps Nephrology Associates of Delaware boost physician productivity and well-being, increase face time with patients

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Faced with the very real prospect of losing physicians to burnout, Nephrology Associates, P.A. turned to cutting-edge technology from Saykara to reduce increasingly burdensome and time-consuming documentation. Use of the company’s mobile AI assistant to automate production of clinical notes means physicians at the Delaware-based provider organization no longer have to spend evening and weekend hours completing their charting, which translates to better work-life balance, better quality of care and better patient relationships.

“The practice of medicine is plagued by onerous documentation requirements that have no benefit to physicians. Most of the data we enter to the electronic health record serves no useful purpose in terms of care delivery, it’s there solely for insurance billing, public reporting and regulatory mandates,” says Dr. Prayus Tailor, an attending nephrologist at Nephrology Associates, P.A. “I am seeing colleagues seriously consider retiring early or quitting and taking a different direction with

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Is Your Company Embracing These Employee Well-Being Trends?

As the competition among employers for top tier talent grows ever fiercer, so does the importance placed on employee benefits. After all, why go with Company A when Company B offers an equal salary but a few extra bells and whistles? Among these benefits is a focus on employee health and well-being. A healthy workforce can mean lower stress and fewer employees calling out sick, which means increased wins for the business overall.

Initiatives that place an emphasis on employee health are needed perhaps more than ever, too. It’s reported that 63% of adults in the U.K. are overweight and it’s not much better in the United States, amounting to a problem in the billions for healthcare. Employers are taking notice of the need for robust health programs for team members and according to a survey by Society for Human Resource Management, wellness benefits increased more than any other area … Read More

A leading Silicon Valley exec says Big Tech prioritized lower costs over employees’ wellbeing, and it’s created a feudalist system where workers are left to fend for themselves

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  • Maëlle Gavet is a leading Silicon Valley executive, entrepreneur, investor, and most recently, the chief operating officer at real estate platform Compass.
  • The following is an excerpt from her first book, “Trampled by Unicorns: Big Tech’s Empathy Problem and How to Fix It.”
  • In it, she examines how Big Tech’s failure to empathize with customers and workers has led to “digital era’s equivalent of feudalism.”
  • In her in-depth critique of the world’s largest tech corporations — including Amazon, Uber, and Google — she crafts an earnest call to action for industry leaders, board members, employees, and consumers to get tech back on track. 
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Right now the jury is still out on whether the tech economy is ultimately a job creator or a job destroyer. As with many of the points in this book, that topic is

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Science is at the root of our progress and well-being; don’t vote for science deniers

Science sometimes tells us things we don’t want to know. But rather than blame the scientists for having found out something, our forefathers and mothers empowered science to help solve problems. Without science, we wouldn’t be able to transplant organs or treat HIV/AIDS; have the medicines that many of us depend on daily; have the technology to send people into space; or be able to grow enough crops to feed the world.

Pretending that we don’t know an inconvenient fact doesn’t make it untrue; it forfeits our power to respond creatively and to explore policies that will have maximum impact at minimal cost. Delayed action due to ignorance and denial carries a huge cost when problems become crises and our response must be much more dramatic, more costly and more difficult.

Our greatest successes as civilization has evolved have been because we used what scientists discovered

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Video games help children improve literacy, communication and mental well-being, survey finds

National Literacy Trust interviewed 4,626 people between the ages of 11 and 16 from across the UK for the video games survey. The interviews were conducted between November and December 2019.

More than a third (35.3%) of the children who play said they believe video games make them better readers — with the vast majority (79.4%) saying they read materials related to gaming once a month. The materials included in-game communications, reviews and books.

All that reading may also be helping players improve their writing. About 3 in 5 (62.5%) young people who play video games also write something related to gaming once a month, the survey found. Many write blogs and fan fiction.

The “shared cultural experience” of gaming also supports positive communication with friends and family, according to researchers.

The survey found that 3 in 4 (76.3%) young people who play talk to their friends about video games,

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