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NASA’s James Webb Passes Enormous Test, On Track For October 2021 Launch

Despite numerous delays, funding crises, and technical challenges, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is almost ready.

Every single component is fully built, assembled, and integrated.

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Can Life Outlive Its Host Star? NASA’s Webb Telescope Will Find Out

With today’s news of the first-ever detection of an intact planet closely orbiting a stellar white dwarf, a team led by two Cornell University astronomers has also shown that NASA’s forthcoming James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) would be capable of detecting biosignatures from earth-sized planets orbiting such dying stars.

As reported in the journal Nature, the white dwarf in question —- WD 1856+534 —- is now thought to harbor a Jupiter-size object orbiting this dying stellar core on an insanely short orbit of only 34 hours. But even before today’s announcement, Cornell astronomers were testing their idea that the Webb telescope might also be able to detect earth-sized objects within the same system.

In separate research submitted to The Astrophysical Journal Letters

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