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Gravity As Matter Warping Space-Time Now 500 Times Harder To Disprove


  • Many experts cast doubts on Einstein’s theory for more than a century
  • A new study proved Einstein’s theory of relativity aligns with present-day quantum physics
  • The conclusion was based on the first photo of a supermassive black hole

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity becomes 500 times harder to negate as the first image ever taken of supermassive blackholes made a stronger case that gravity, indeed, is a matter warping spacetime. The photo of the black hole’s shadow was consistent with astrophysical findings of the much later time, therefore giving significant weight to Einstein’s idea of general relativity. 

Einstein’s theory that gravity is caused by a warping spacetime has been under the scientific lens for more than 100 years. Many experts of modern times have cast their doubts on his finding, saying that it remains mathematically irreconcilable with the foundation of quantum mechanics. 

In general, quantum physicists assert that

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Why This Triple-Star System Is Warping, Tearing Its Planet-Forming Disk


  • GW Orionis is a unique star system with three stars
  • Researchers have found that its planet-forming disk is warped and broken into rings
  • Research teams are presenting suggestions as to what caused the disk to warp

Astronomers have found the first evidence of a multi-star system essentially tearing apart its planet-forming disk. Research teams are now suggesting possible reasons for the system’s warped disk.

Most stars like our sun are born with siblings. Some have even suggested that the sun was once a part of a binary system. In a new study published in the journal Science, a team of astronomers describes a multi-star system called GW Orionis with three stars, with the inner stars, GW Ori A and B, orbiting each other with a distance of 1 astronomical unit (au) and the outer star, GW Ori C, orbiting the two inner stars at a distance of

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