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Facebook and Twitter missed QAnon warnings for years

Others just craved speed: “TREASON = FIRING SQAUD [sic] OR HANGING! DO IT NOW PLEASE THAT’S THE LAW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

These posts — from January 2018, just months after QAnon flamed to life from the embers of Pizzagate, with its false claims of a child sex ring run by Democrats out of a Washington pizzeria — were among the many early warnings that the new conspiracy theory was fueling hatred and calls for violence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

But it would be years before Facebook and Twitter would make major moves to curb QAnon’s presence on their platforms, despite serious cases of online harassment and offline violence that followed, and moves by other social media companies to limit the spread of QAnon’s lurid and false allegations of pedophilia and other crimes.

One social media company, Reddit,

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Facebook and Google drop plans for underwater cable to Hong Kong after security warnings

The Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), an ambitious underwater data cable project partly owned by Facebook and Google, won’t be connecting Los Angeles to Hong Kong after all. 

New plans for the 12,800 kilometre-long network presented to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) show that the PLCN will instead only operate between the US, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The nearly 13,000 kilometres of underwater cables have already been laid, but the project needed permission from the FCC before operations could kick off. In the new application filed by the companies managing PLCN, authorization was only requested to run the network between the US, Taiwan, and the Philippines. The file specifies that the applicants are not seeking authority for the Hong Kong path.

Initially announced in 2016, the PLCN project was intended to provide direct submarine cable connectivity between Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It is made of six fiber pairs,

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Google’s AI flood warnings now cover all of India and have expanded to Bangladesh

Google says its flood prediction service, which uses machine learning to identify areas of land prone to flooding and alert users before the waters arrive, now covers all of India and has expanded to parts of Bangladesh as well.

The search giant launched the tool in 2018 for India’s Patna region, but it says it’s been slowly increasing coverage in coordination with local government. In June, it hit the milestone of covering all the worst flood-hit areas of India. The company says this means some 200 million people in India and 40 million people in Bangladesh can now receive alerts from its flood forecasting system.

In addition to expanding coverage, Google is testing more accurate forecasts and has updated how its alerts appear on users’ devices. The company says it’s now sent over 30 million notifications to users with Android devices.

Google’s new flood alerts offer information in some areas

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