Wahlburgers Is Testing A Zero-Emission Vehicle As Delivery Orders Accelerate

One of the biggest restaurant industry headlines from the COVID-19 crisis has been the staggering growth of delivery. The channel was on an impressive growth path prior to the pandemic, but consumers forced to stay at home for months with sporadic dining-out opportunities have kicked delivery into hyperdrive.   

Consider, for example, that Uber Eats reported a 103% year-over-year revenue increase during Q2, or that Grubhub executives called the pandemic a “permanent catalyst” for business as revenues jumped by 41%. According to Cardlytics, delivery spend was up 174.5% year-over-year the week of Aug. 6. 

There are a lot of predictions flying around about what pandemic-induced trends will be sticky in the long term and delivery is likely a safe bet. That said, we’ll continue to see

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