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Best VPN Service for 2020

If, like a lot of people, the global pandemic is forcing you to work from home these days, remote VPN access is more essential than ever for protecting your privacy online. But as the number of commercial virtual private networks continues to grow exponentially, finding the best VPN to meet your specific needs can be tricky. 

So to help you find the best VPN for you, we’ve sifted through a multitude of overhyped VPN providers all touting their own private network. We’re keeping a close eye on how each VPN provider stands compared with its competitors, as well as any new VPN services that may become available, and we’ll be regularly updating this directory as new options hit the market.

Since we don’t recommend free VPN services, this directory is packed only

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Cleanup in the VPN aisle: Get a year of IPVanish for $39



A VPN might sound like a needlessly technical complication to your home internet connection, but there are a lot of advantages to using one. It affords you greater privacy and security — useful if you’re working from home during the pandemic — and with some simple tweaks, you can appear to be located anywhere on Earth. But VPNs can be pricey and complicated. If you’re looking to set one up for the first time, IPVanish is beginner-friendly and you can currently get a year for just $39 — that’s 73% off. 

You can subscribe to IPVanish on a monthly, annual or quarterly plan, but right now the deal to beat is the annual plan, which is the one marked “Best value” in the middle of the page. Regularly priced at $144, the the annual plan is marked down to $39 right now, which works out to $3.25 per month.

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The best VPN service 2020

VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’ and is a piece of software that that helps to make you more anonymous online, encrypts all of your internet traffic, and lets you effectively trick your laptop or mobile device into thinking it’s in another location.

That means by choosing the best VPN service out there, you equip your laptop, PC, mobile – even your games console – with a game-changing bit of software.

For many, downloading a VPN service will be all about privacy. You may want to make use of those encrypted tunnels to keep your online life completely safe from the prying eyes of hackers – especially now that so many of us are working or being educated at home. Or maybe you’re a keen torrenter and you don’t want your ISP to know.

But because the best VPNs also let you effectively ‘spoof’ your IP address to one in

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