Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Replaces Pagers with Vocera Technology

Effective communication improves patient care before, during and after COVID-19

Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCRA), a recognized leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions, announced that Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) NHS Trust reported an 84% improvement in care team response time after replacing pagers with the Vocera smartphone app and hands-free communication badge. After deploying the Vocera solutions, mobilization of the cardiac arrest team at the 220-bed hospital went from an average of two minutes to 20 seconds.

Before implementing Vocera technology in the 100-acre hospital, care team members would receive pages, or bleep notifications, that initiated a complex workflow. Clinicians that received notifications were tasked with finding a phone, calling the switchboard operator, writing down the message, repeating it back to the operator, and responding accordingly.

“We needed a faster, more reliable communication system,” said Bela Haria, Information Management and Technology Senior Project Manager at RNOH. “Bleeps were falling

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