TikTok: How Vanessa Pappas might lead the company through Trump fiasco

  • TikTok is awaiting the approval of a deal with Oracle that could put an end to the months-long battle with the US government over the app’s Chinese ties and US presence.
  • Pressure on the relationship between TikTok and its Beijing-based parent company, ByteDance, has led to questions over who will have control over the resulting US-based company. This power struggle seems to have been a reason why TikTok’s last CEO, Kevin Mayer, quit only three months into the job.
  • Despite the fight at the top, TikTok’s day-to-day operations in the US have been led by Vanessa Pappas, who took over as interim head of TikTok after Mayer’s resignation.
  • Pappas has not been named TikTok’s permanent CEO. But under Pappas, we could see a TikTok even more invested in its creators, and a focus on growing the app as a marketplace.
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Vanessa Pappas may

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