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Salesforce launches clouds for media, communications, public sector, utilities

The Industry Cloud: Why It’s Next

The industry cloud has taken off and big businesses have been built by the likes of Veeva, Rootstock and others. Here’s why the focus has allowed the industry to thrive even as giants like Salesforce, Oracle and SAP eye their turf.

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Salesforce is launching four industry clouds for communications, media, utilities and public sector courtesy of its Vlocity acquisition.

The industry clouds from Salesforce build on previous efforts in verticals such as financial services and healthcare. Software-as-a-service providers have been targeting verticals. For instance, ServiceNow has stepped up industry specific services for telecommunication providers and financial services.

Salesforce combined Vlocity’s technology with its Salesforce Customer 360 platform. The new clouds will have purpose-built apps as well as industry-specific data models.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Communications Cloud includes pre-built industry processes and product models for service providers. The Communications Cloud is also designed to
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Las Cruces Utilities uses high-end tech to keep infrastructure secure

A new pressure reducing valve was installed on Well 117 and it was time to connect it into the Las Cruces Utilities monitoring system. That system, known as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), not only oversees the security at different LCU locations, but also gives LCU staff vast amounts of data regarding the operation of various LCU Gas, Water, and Wastewater systems.

a man using a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk: Nick Rios, Las Cruces Utilities SCADA senior system technician, monitors the installation of a valve at a well on the other side of town. LCU receives critical data to manage its operations through its monitoring system.

© Las Cruces Utilities
Nick Rios, Las Cruces Utilities SCADA senior system technician, monitors the installation of a valve at a well on the other side of town. LCU receives critical data to manage its operations through its monitoring system.

Nick Rios, LCU SCADA senior system technician, helps program these systems. He was on the phone with another LCU associate who was at Well 117, physically connecting the valve monitoring equipment into the system. With signals sent via radio signal to receivers at various locations throughout the

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Myst AI claims its AI energy prediction technology boosts utilities’ reliability

Myst AI, a startup developing a predictive energy usage platform, today closed a $6 million funding round. The proceeds will be used to expand Myst’s “forecasting as a service” offering as it seeks to acquire new customers, a spokesperson told VentureBeat via email.

The pandemic has prompted governments to institute shelter-in-place orders, quarantine mandates, and business closures. As millions continue to find themselves confined at home, the shift is straining not only internet service providers, streaming platforms, and online retailers, but the utilities supplying power to the nation’s electrical grid. Load forecasting like Myst’s could ensure operations aren’t interrupted in the coming months, thereby preventing blackouts and brownouts while also bolstering the efficiency of utilities’ internal processes after the pandemic ends.

Myst claims to combine AI techniques with “highly localized” time-series data from a range of vendors, improving forecasting accuracy by as much as 30% to 60%. The company says

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Climate Change Is Impacting Utilities. Here’s How New Technology Can Help

Last weekend I wrote about the fires in California. This week we look at hopeful ways we can begin to chip away at this complicated issue.

Even during a global pandemic, other world problems don’t take a break. As most of the world focuses on combating COVID-19, there’s another growing issue that is affecting how we live and the future of our planet. And we won’t be able to ignore it for long. 

What’s Happening Right Now: Climate Change Challenges

  • Climate change has led to rises in severe weather, which threaten the safety and well-being of people around the globe. Climate change impacts every industry, but especially the utilities industry.
  • New research from Accenture found that 95% of utilities executives believe climate change has contributed to increased extreme weather events that their electricity networks have experienced over the past 10 years. On top of that, 90% of executives believe
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