The literally useless Roku diamond button might actually be a good idea

On the corner of the Roku Touch remote is a strange, unlabeled button marked only with a mysterious glyph of two overlapping diamonds. Press it, and a voice will ring out: “This feature is not yet available.”

The button does absolutely nothing, and it’s been that way for nearly two years.

Back in 2018, Roku launched its TV Wireless speaker, along with the Roku Touch remote to match. On that remote, there are a plethora of buttons: volume controls, play / pause / skip buttons, a microphone button, and even two programmable presets that can be tied to frequently used commands.

But Roku also reserved a final button for a future software feature — the odd diamond-marked button seen here. Nearly two years on, Roku has yet to say what feature the button is reserved for or when (or even if) that update will come.

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