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ONC urged to exercise extended enforcement discretion for information blocking rule

AHA and other organizations representing the nation’s clinicians, hospitals, health systems and experts in health informatics and health information management today urged the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to allow for at least one year of extended enforcement discretion for its information blocking rule. 

“We write to express our steadfast commitment to furthering patient access to their medical records via apps, leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs), enhancing clinician and providers’ access to data within their workflow, and securely sharing medical information electronically so patients and clinicians make informed treatment decisions,” the coalition wrote. “… However, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to monopolize our members’ time and attention, and has strained resources, drastically limiting our members’ ability to prepare for the November 2nd information blocking deadline.”

The coalition also urged the agency to work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

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Jellyfish and chips? Diners urged to switch to sustainable alternatives

Diners have been urged to consider sustainable alternatives including jellyfish and chips. (Getty)
Diners have been urged to consider sustainable alternatives including jellyfish and chips. (Getty)

Fish lovers have been urged to switch to sustainable alternatives – including jellyfish and chips – after a survey found critically endangered species being sold and eaten.

Researchers from the University of Queensland warned that 92 endangered species and 11 critically endangered species were being industrially fished in oceans around the world.

Jellyfish is eaten in several Asian countries, including in jellyfish salads and even ice cream. The scientists also proposed increased use of shellfish such as abalone.

This research is published in Nature Communications.

Many consumers in Australia wrongly eat industrially-produced fish thinking it has been produced sustainably, researchers said.

Researchers say it's difficult to know what you are eating – and it could be endangered. (Getty)
Researchers say it’s difficult to know what you are eating – and it could be endangered. (Getty)

They write: “Industrial-scale harvest of species at risk of extinction is controversial and usually highly regulated on land

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Upload Your Coronavirus Test Results, German App Users Urged | World News

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s health minister on Wednesday urged users of a smartphone app to help trace coronavirus infections to upload positive test results into the system, so that others at risk get a timely warning.

The Corona Warn App, launched 100 days ago, has been downloaded more than 18 million times – more than all other similar apps across Europe combined that use Bluetooth technology to assess an individual’s risk of catching COVID-19.

Yet only 5,000 app users who have tested positive – or half the total – have actually taken the steps needed to trigger exposure notifications to their contacts, Health Minister Jens Spahn told a news conference.

Most are calling a hotline, while few are directly uploading their results via their phone – reflecting lingering fears that people’s identity will be revealed despite the app’s privacy protections.

“Please use the app, if you test positive, to inform

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DepEd urged to use P4 billion Bayanihan 2 fund to invest in technology for teachers

DepEd urged to use P4 billion Bayanihan 2 fund to invest in technology for teachers

(Philstar.com) – September 21, 2020 – 11:32am

MANILA, Philippines — Sen. Win Gatchalian on Monday urged the Department of Education to use P4 billion of its funds to provide teachers with the necessary technology for distance learning. 

This amount was allocated to DepEd under the Bayanihan to Recover As One Act or Bayanihan 2 and is separate from the P606.5 billion allocated to the agency under the proposed 2021 national budget. 

“Under Bayanihan 2, the P4 billion allocation aims to assist DepEd in putting up information technology (IT) and digital infrastructure, the implementation of digital education, and the use of alternative learning modalities, including the printing and delivery of self-learning modules,” Gatchalian recalled in a statement. 

During a Senate panel hearing on distance learning last on September 16, Education Undersecretary for Finance Annalyn Sevilla told

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Facebook, Google, Twitter Urged by EU to Do More Against Fake News | Top News

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Two years after agreeing to a self-regulatory code of practice to tackle disinformation, Facebook, Alphabet’s Google, Twitter and other tech rivals must try harder to be more effective, the European Commission said on Thursday.

Fake news related to COVID-19 has accelerated calls for social media to be more proactive in combating the issue.

The companies, including Mozilla and trade bodies for the advertising industry, signed up to the code in 2018 in a bid to stave off more heavy-handed regulation. Microsoft and TikTok subsequently joined the group.

There are, however, several shortcomings in the code following an assessment of its first year in operation, the commission said, according to a report seen by Reuters.

“These can be grouped in four broad categories: inconsistent and incomplete application of the code across platforms and member states, lack of uniform definitions, existence of several gaps in the coverage of the

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