Bezos’ Blue Origin launches unpiloted New Shepard capsule to edge of space

A Blue Origin New Shepard rocket boosted an unpiloted crew capsule to the edge of space Tuesday in the company’s 13th sub-orbital test flight, reaching an altitude of 66 miles and giving on-board experiments about five minutes of weightlessness before a picture-perfect parachute descent to Earth.

The capsule’s booster, meanwhile, carried out a rocket-powered landing on a nearby pad while experimental NASA sensors were put through their paces as part of a project to develop safer, more accurate guidance technology for upcoming moon landings in the agency’s Artemis program.

It was the seventh successful flight in a row for the rocket and capsule and the 13th overall for Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as the company gears up to begin launching space tourists, researchers and other paying customers on up-and-down sub-orbital spaceflights.

A Blue Origin New Shepard rocket blasts off from West Texas on a sub-orbital
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