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Xbox Series X beats PS5 to the punch with launch date, price, and pre-orders

Microsoft has had a whirlwind couple of days, after a massive leak exposed the Xbox Series S – its all-digital console. The company’s social media accounts rallied together and dropped the official price, press shots, and release date of the console in the middle of the night, much to the surprise of everyone.

a screen shot of a speaker: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Clearly Microsoft is on a role, as with news of a PS5 announcement coming today, on PlayStation’s 25th anniversary, it’s just announced the launch date, price, and pre-order date for the Xbox Series X. 

Both the Xbox US and Xbox UK Twitter accounts have just posted the last bits of information that fans have been waiting for its next-gen consoles.


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Apple Watch Series 6 Listed as Keyword in Apple’s YouTube Event Video

Apple this morning announced an upcoming September 15 event, and shared a YouTube placeholder video for the livestream that will be available on that date.

Metadata for the YouTube video includes several keywords as noted by Guilherme Rambo, and one notable inclusion is a mention of the “Series 6,” which is an Apple Watch that does not yet exist.

Bloomberg earlier today said that the September 15 event will not be focused on the iPhone as most September events are, with Apple instead planning to unveil new ‌Apple Watch‌ and iPad models. A separate event for the iPhone 12 is expected later in the fall, likely in October.

The specific mention of the Series 6 ‌Apple Watch‌ lends credibility to Bloomberg‘s claim, and seemingly confirms we can expect to see new ‌Apple Watch‌ models.

The metadata has a whole list of other keywords for existing products, including Apple,

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Will Apple Announce Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, Today?

September 8, 1PM EDT, update below. This post was first published at 6AM EDT, September 8, 2020.

It’s Tuesday, September 8. Apple would probably be holding its annual iPhone and Apple Watch event this week in a regular year. But so far, there’s not even been an announcement of when such an event (virtual, I presume) might take place today.

MORE FROM FORBESForget Apple Watch Series 6: Apple Watch SE May Be Here In Days

Several of the world’s key Apple predictors have said that today’s the day… for something to happen. Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who has quickly become one of the most reliable and prolific of leakers, says that Apple will, by press release, announce the next iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6 today.

September 8, 1PM

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1MORE Unveils QuietMax Technology Suite for ANC Series & Receives First THX Certification for True Wireless Headphones

1MORE’s QuietMax active noise cancellation technology is forever changing the way headphones deliver ANC by combining hybrid ANC technology, dual driver sound, precise audio tuning, dual band ANC + wind noise reduction in one suite, and employing these technologies in chorus to immerse listeners into a captivating HIFI audio environment. QuietMax technology solves the problems of current ANC solutions which otherwise cause havoc on sound quality, through technological innovation and proprietary sound tuning. QuietMax branded 1MORE products represent the best HIFI ANC has to offer and the only two-way HIFI ANC solution on the market. To learn more about 1MORE’s QuietMax technology, visit the website here.

Since launching the True Wireless ANC earbuds in January, 1MORE has worked closely with THX, making sound profile modifications to further enhance the audio output performance and quality to become the World’s First THX Certified True Wireless in-ear headphones. THX Certified sound is available

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September 15 event is for ‘Apple Watch Series 6,’ not ‘iPhone 12,’ report claims

A new series of reports claim that Apple’s September 15 event is for the “Apple Watch Series 6,” and that the “iPhone 12” won’t be announced until October.

Following Apple’s announcement of a September 15 event, a new claim says that it is to exclusively feature the unveiling of the new “Apple Watch Series 6.” While Apple’s September events usually feature both a new Apple Watch and a new iPhone, the claim is that the “iPhone 12” announcement is delayed to October.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s “Time Flies” invitation is a direct reference to the new “Apple Watch Series 6.” The report also notes that the event will again be solely an online one.

It was already expected that Apple would move the release of its “iPhone 12” range to October, but not the announcement. Until this report, it had been believed that there would be a launch event

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All the Xbox Series S details, and more tech news you need to know today

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily tech newsletter, for Tuesday, 8 September 2020.

1. Xbox Series S goes official for $299, and unofficial specs are good

Last night some Xbox leaks revealed a bunch more about the upcoming next-gen Xbox, but not the Series X and its big tall cube console, but a much smaller console. And for the first time, a price: $299 for this smaller model, and the Xbox Series X for $499.

  • This morning, Microsoft stepped up to make it official
  • It revealed the new Xbox Series S, with the tagline “Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever”, and confirming the $299 price (along with €299 and a cheap-sounding £249.99 in the UK).
  • No date was given for the launch, but leaks are hinting at November 10.

And, just to make it a big big day, the leakers released even more, with

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The 100 People Transforming Business series showcases leaders driving innovation in consumer technology

  • Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple faced the U.S. Congress in a landmark antitrust hearing, capping off a year that saw new calls for accountability for market share and misinformation.
  • Privacy is also a growing concern for consumers, as demonstrated by the success of encrypted apps such as Signal. 
  • Meanwhile, tech innovation continues, as 5G emerges in increasingly accessible packages for consumers,  and health wearables have a moment. 
  • 100 People Transforming Business is an annual list and series highlighting those across industries who are changing the way the world does business. Check out the full list for 2020.

Technology and change often go hand in hand, but 2020 has marked a period of transition unlike any other. A pandemic upended daily life, increasing our reliance on technology and prompting long-lasting changes that will influence how we work and communicate.

COVID-19 is only one piece of how the tech landscape is changing.

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Smart Consumer Technology Startup Dreame Technology Raises Nearly USD 15 Million in Series B+ Funding Led by IDG Capital

BEIJING, Sept. 7, 2020 /CNW/ — Dreame Technology (Dreame), a smart consumer technology company specializing in cordless vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners and mops, announced that it raised nearly RMB 100 million (US$14.6 million) in its Series B+ funding led by IDG Capital with participation from Edge Ventures and Peak Valley Capital, return shareholders Xiaomi Corporation and Shunwei Capital, on September 1. Yunmu Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of funding.

IDG Capital, noted that Dreame is an example of China’s next-generation companies specializing in intelligent manufacturing, and is aligned with Dreame’s long-term vision to make household appliances smart terminals and push the boundaries of smart home technology application.

Li Rui, Partner of Shunwei Capital, added that the recent Dreame products have showcased the technological strength of Chinese brands, and Shunwei’s continued support in Dreame’s series B+ funding is a recognition

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Prosser: iPad and Apple Watch Series 6 Press Release Planned for September 8 [Updated]

Apple is reportedly planning a press release for this Tuesday to announce new iPad and Apple Watch models, according to prolific leaker Jon Prosser.

Prosser explains that Apple has a press release scheduled for Tuesday, September 8 at 9:00 EST, but notes that it is not “locked in” until the day itself. Prosser has also said that he will offer an update if and when one is available.

Prosser has previously said that new ‌Apple Watch‌ and ‌iPad‌ models would arrive via press release in the week of September 7. This alleged Tuesday press release would seem to be for those products.

Although new ‌Apple Watch‌ models would likely be the expected Series 6, Prosser did not state which ‌iPad‌ would be arriving. In recent months there has been some conflation about leaks regarding the low-cost ‌iPad‌ and ‌iPad‌ Air 4. It has also been suggested that updated iPad Pro

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Wait for PS5 and Xbox Series X or buy a gaming PC?

The Razer Kraken Ultimate sits on a desk in front of a PC, monitor, mouse, and keyboard, next to an Xbox One controller in front of a Han Solo doll.

The console wars are about to begin anew with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Before the endless chatter comparing every little spec begins, we’ve decided to pit the consoles against their ever-present rival. No, not the Nintendo Switch, we’re talking about the venerable PC.

The hardware and even the design of both Sony and Microsoft’s ninth-generation consoles are becoming more and more PC-like than ever before. It begs the question: should you wait for the new consoles, or is buying a gaming PC now the smarter decision?

For such a heated topic, we thought it best to present two arguments from each side of the PC/console divide. In one corner, we have the MOBA-loving, PC-building enthusiast Suzana. In the other, there’s Ollie — a career console apologist who would take a gamepad over WASD any day of the week.

Read more: Playstation 5 and

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