The 5 Best Contrarian Stocks To Buy Now (And 8 To Avoid)

Sometimes, picking the best contrarian stocks can be fairly straightforward.

For instance, back in early spring, it seemed obvious to anyone who went a bit deeper than the daily headlines to see that the market wasn’t giving tech stocks their due, given its importance during the lockdown and its potential for big post–COVID-19 growth.

So in April I wrote an article that highlighted the Columbia Seligman Premium Tech Fund (STK), a closed-end fund (CEF) primed to benefit from surging online shopping, rising mobile data use and the fast shift toward working from home. Plus, STK yielded an outsized 9.4%, so you were getting a large part of your profits in dividend cash.

Fast-forward five months, and STK has returned more than 20% in gains and dividends!

Picking the Best Contrarian Stocks a Tough Job Today

Sometimes, like in today’s market, being a contrarian is much harder. Most people have

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