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Infographic: Ransomware attacks by industry, continent, and more

Cyberattacks have surged during the coronavirus pandemic. This infographic details ransomware attack trends by industry, continent, and more.


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In recent months cyberattacks have increased as criminals look to exploit the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the FBI reported a fourfold increase in cybercriminal activity earlier this year. To help detail recent attack trends, cybersecurity technology company, Lumu, published a 2020 Ransomware Flashcard. Overall, the Lumu flashcard essentially functions as an all-in-one infographic compiling 2020 ransomware trends from an amalgam of sources across the cybersecurity industry.

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Ransomware: Frequency, affected sectors, global trends, and more

In one section, the flashcard categorizes cyberattacks into three categories (data breach, malicious breach, and ransomware attacks) to provide a comparative analysis of the average cost of each type of attack. The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, a malicious breach cost $4.27 million, and a

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Antarctica, the only continent without coronavirus, braces for summer rotation

  • Antarctica, the coldest and most isolated part of the world, is the only continent still untouched by the coronavirus. 
  • But as Antarctica’s harsh winter comes to a close, critical global efforts are underway to ensure that incoming colleagues for the summer rotation do not bring Covid-19 to the continent. 
  • “It’s almost scary how lucky we are. Out of all the people on the planet, we’re the ones who aren’t experiencing it,” said Karin Jansdotter, who’s lived in an Antarctica research station for nearly a year. 

a close up of a car window: Antarctica Flights operates 12-hour sightseeing tours over the continent that take off and land on the same day.

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Antarctica Flights operates 12-hour sightseeing tours over the continent that take off and land on the same day.

The coronavirus has ravaged the world now for nine months, with people across the globe enduring lockdowns of varying intensities, workplace and school shutdowns and restrictions on group gatherings. 

Yet there’s still one continent that’s been untouched by the virus: Antarctica, the

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