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Farming assistant app Agrolly wins IBM’s Call for Code contest

The innovative platform will be a one-stop-shop for farmers seeking out more information on what to plant and when.


An autonomous combine–again, smaller and lighter than conventional farm machinery–harvesting HFHa’s first crop in September 2017.

Image: HandsFree Hectare

Agrolly, a platform built to help farmers in emerging markets, was chosen as the winner of IBM’s 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge.

Agrolly provides farmers with a bevy of information about weather patterns and crop characteristics, giving them advice on what would be the best thing to plant during certain times of the year. The platform also has ways for farmers to connect with experts as well as ways for them to share information and tools with each other.

During the virtual “2020 Call for Code Awards: A Global Celebration of Tech for Good” event, Agrolly was announced as the winner of the annual competition, which brings together the world’s brightest

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America’s most body positive contest nears climax

Deep into a tumultuous and often harrowing year, it will be a relief to many that America has now finally arrived at a cherished annual highlight: fat bear week.

a large brown bear standing next to a body of water: Photograph: National Park Service/Reuters

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Photograph: National Park Service/Reuters

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Voting has begun in – perhaps – this year’s most eagerly anticipated election, where members of the public pick their favorite of the fattened bears now waddling around the Brooks river in Katmai national park, in southern Alaska.

Only one bear will emerge victorious in the knockout elimination contest, which pits 12 plump ursine contenders against each other. Katmai national park calls the contest a “March Madness-style competition”, with the crucial difference that it involves gazing at pictures of podgy bears in the tundra and forests of Alaska rather than cheering on college basketball-playing humans.

a bear that is standing in the snow: Somehow bear 747’s roomy rear end failed to sway voters last year. Photograph: National Park Service/Reuters

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Google refines autocomplete for election-related searches ahead of US contest


Google announced new search policies ahead of Election Day in the US.


Google on Thursday announced changes to features in its search engine when people look up information on elections or candidates, updates the tech giant made as Americans gear up to vote on Nov. 3. 

One change is to the company’s autocomplete feature, which tries to predict what people want to search for, while they’re still typing their queries. For example, if someone types the phrase “donate to,” Google will block autocomplete suggestions that include the names of particular candidates or political parties. 

The company is also banning autocomplete suggestions about election processes or requirements, whether they’re factual or not. That means search suggestions about, say, voting by phone won’t appear in the autocomplete search box. 

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