UNC vs VT: Are Tar Heels national title contenders after win?

If you only pick up the box score or scan the results as they roll across the bottom of the screen, if you see North Carolina hung 56 points on Virginia Tech and won by 11, it would be entirely reasonable to say, “Yes, this is clearly and undeniably a top-10 team.”

If you actually watched North Carolina let Virginia Tech come storming back into the game in the second half, you’d probably just as soon reserve judgment on that. Still.

After two opening wins over middling opponents — the second, over Boston College, narrow enough that Mack Brown made it a point to say he wasn’t going to complain about winning — this was the Tar Heels’ best chance yet to justify their lofty eighth-ranked position in the polls.

That’s not exactly how it worked out.

Are the Tar Heels as good as the hype that’s been steadily building

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