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Big Tech Censorship is Finally Now Coming After the Rest of Us Conservatives

Many of us thought “that could never happen to me” when rowdy right-wingers like Laura Loomer and Gavin McInnes were banned from social media. We are careful and polite about what we post. Surely Big Tech sees how reasonable we are and would never come after us too. 

Not so anymore. Big Tech is now starting to label regular conservative viewpoints as false and using that as justification to censor and even permanently ban us. 

They are threatening to ban conservatives for posting things that left-leaning fact checkers say have a very remote possibility of not being true. For example, I posted a meme on Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) which said that if the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had retired at age 80, President Obama would have appointed a progressive to replace her. Seems pretty noncontroversial and straightforward, right? 

Instagram sent me a message that

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GOP lawmaker: Democrats’ tech proposals will include ‘non-starters for conservatives’

The remarks signal areas of both significant agreement and disagreement between congressional Democrats and Republicans on how to ratchet up scrutiny of the world’s biggest tech companies.

According to the memo, the final report will offer “a menu of potential changes” to existing law aimed at addressing bipartisan concerns that the tech giants have unfairly squelched or scooped up competitors to detriment of their users. The recommendations will include a ban on certain types of mergers, such as on “future acquisitions of potential rivals and start-ups” by major platforms. But Republicans are unlikely to back Democrats’ more aggressive reforms, according to the memo.

Buck said he opposes not-yet-unveiled Democratic proposals aimed at “eliminating arbitration clauses and further opening companies up to class action lawsuits.” And he said he rejects antitrust subcommittee Chair David Cicilline’s (D-R.I.) idea of advancing legislation to force structural breakups of major online platforms like Amazon.


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Trump eyes ‘concrete legal steps’ against social media sites for alleged bias against conservatives

Such attacks aren’t new for Trump, who for years has charged that Facebook, Google, Twitter and other popular Web platforms limit the reach of prominent conservative users and news sites. He often has provided scant evidence for his claims, which tech companies vehemently deny.

But the president has ratcheted up his attacks in recent months, as social media companies increasingly take more active, aggressive steps to limit Trump’s most controversial tweets and posts — particularly out of concern they may seed doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 election and in some cases carry the potential to incite violence.

The president delivered his broadside Wednesday alongside nine Republican state attorneys general, some of whom echoed Trump’s belief that technology companies exhibit political bias against conservatives. U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr later appeared to encourage the GOP leaders in attendance to take action, stressing that the federal government does not

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Liberal Bias and All, Social Media Is Still Conservatives’ Best Electoral Tool

America’s biggest tech companies are in the crosshairs of big government, running a gauntlet of antitrust hearings in which lawmakers criticize their size and success — and the content they allow users to share online. Like all conservatives, I see the bias of Big Tech and want to do something to make it better. But the progressive solutions to the problem being embraced by some conservatives will, like all progressive solutions, give more power to the government and regulate conservatives’ communication with a broad spectrum of American voters.

Antitrust investigations of tech companies are being driven by actors on both sides of our political divide. Conservatives want to punish the companies for their executives’ liberal politics and for the way social-media sites moderate conservative content more strictly than progressive posts. You would think Democrats would be rallying around Big Tech for that reason, but they aren’t. Progressives want

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