Sir David Attenborough Instagram: Conservationist says 1 million follower record gives ‘great hope’

Attenborough told the BBC that young people are in the best position to drive change in a world that faces an increasingly precarious future. In seeking to reach a wider — and younger — audience, Instagram seemed like a good place to start: According to the statistics database Statista, about 70 percent of Instagram’s worldwide users are younger than 35 and more than a third are younger than 25.

“It’s their world, and it’s their tomorrow,” Attenborough said. “I won’t be there. They will be.” He added that he felt “privileged” that the platform’s users were interested in “what an old bloke like me is talking about.”

It was Thursday when Attenborough — star of the upcoming Netflix documentary “A Life on Our Planet” — used an Instagram video to venture beyond his familiar radio and television mediums in a bid to reach a significantly younger demographic.

“Hello,” he says

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