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How to connect your AirPods to a Mac computer, whether or not you have a paired iPhone

It's easy to connect AirPods to your Mac. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

© Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
It’s easy to connect AirPods to your Mac. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • You can connect AirPods to a Mac using the Bluetooth menu on the computer.
  • If you’ve connected your AirPods to your iPhone already, connecting them to your Mac is even easier — just select them in the Volume menu.
  • If that doesn’t work, make sure that “Handoff” is enabled on your Mac, and that it’s logged into the same iCloud account as your iPhone.
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There’s no reason to keep your AirPods locked to your iPhone; like any Bluetooth earbuds, you can connect them to many other devices, including your Mac. 

There are two ways to connect AirPods to your Mac, depending upon how you’re already using the AirPods.

How to connect your AirPods to your Mac if you already use them on your iPhone

Your AirPods

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Your roadmap to becoming a computer network architect

Anyone who’s ever accessed the internet to send an email, which many of us do daily, has used computer networking. The technology offers quick and efficient information sharing and receiving. 

Furthermore, because virtually every aspect of business communication depends on computer networks, computer network architects are critical to organizations of all types and sizes. 

Corroborating their importance, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 5% increase in demand for computer network architects through 2029. By far, the computer systems design industry is the workforce’s largest employer at 32.3% followed by telecommunications and managed service providers.

What’s more, with an average annual pay of $112,690, the network industry has become one of the most fascinating fields to work in. 

Continue reading to learn how to land a career in computer networking, what it entails and the skills you must have.

What is computer networking?

To fully understand computer networking,

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This Online Service Is Helping Homeowners Renovate Their Yard – All From Their Computer Or Smartphone – Press Release

Using advanced, proprietary technology, ShrubHub Design Experts have been creating stunning landscapes using satellite & terrain imagery. In 2020, it’s about time someone made residential landscaping easier and more affordable.

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – October 9, 2020 – (Newswire.com)

Why do yard designs still cost so much money?

How much? Home Advisor conducted a recent study revealing that the average local landscaper charges more than $3,150 per design.

With more and more homeowners investing in their yards every year, people are looking for a more affordable way to build the yard of their dreams.

That’s where ShrubHub Design Experts come in.

Founded by professional landscape designers, each with over 20 years in the industry, ShrubHub streamlines the process of creating a virtual blueprint of your yard. Each customer will have a 1-on-1 consultation with an experienced design expert, where they can build their yard profile and refine their renovation

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Domain Computer Services Merges with Tier One Technology Partners to Create a Leading Premium MSP Platform

CRANBURY TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Domain Computer Services (“Domain”), a New Jersey-based managed IT services provider, announced it has completed a merger today with like-minded Maryland managed IT services company, Tier One Technology Partners (“Tier One”), to form a premium national MSP platform. To propel their growth, the companies also announced a recapitalization in partnership with Frontenac, a Chicago-based private equity firm. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Domain and Tier One specialize in managing the IT and cybersecurity needs of top-tier professional services firms. Both companies have been recognized as award winning MSP industry leaders in several verticals: Domain in legal and financial services and Tier One in non-profit. Together with Frontenac, they are on a path to build a premium national provider of managed IT services by partnering with other MSPs that share their values of operational excellence, vertical focus, employee

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‘OK Computer’: The album that predicted the future

The warnings and lessons of Radiohead’s 1997 album, ‘OK Computer,’ are still relevant today

Photo by Jack Streveler
| The State Press

“The album echos the psychological depression on the pandemic-imposed isolation of today.” Illustration published on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020.

“OK Computer,” the 1997 album by the English rock band Radiohead, is collectively understood as a commentary on the overpowering sense of alienation that results from living in an increasingly self-indulgent and technologically-dependent society.

Listening to the record in the pandemic-ravaged world of today might conjure up the image of donning a mask and walking alone down Palm Walk, an apocalyptic scene juxtaposed with the fierce midday rays of the Arizona sun. 

It might also bring to mind the scene of sitting in your bedroom, accompanied only by your laptop, as you prepare to log on to an endless string of Zoom classes.

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Italian computer whizz-kid to be beatified | The Canberra Times

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Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager informally known as “God’s influencer,” is set to be beatified by the Catholic Church. Beatification is one step removed from sainthood, or canonisation. Acutis, who died from leukaemia aged 15 in 2006, was a deeply religious computer whizz-kid from Milan, who saw the internet as a way to spread the Catholic faith. According to Nicola Gori, the man who is promoting Acutis’ sainthood cause, he was “a normal boy like many others” who liked playing football and hanging out with friends. But Acutis also helped priests set up websites for their parishes and created an online exhibition on religious miracles from around the world. His mother Antonia Salzano told Vatican News her son was “considered a computer genius because he knew logarithms, he knew how to make programs and read university texts on these topics”. Acutis also used to go out at night

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What to Look for When Purchasing a Rugged Computer

The ability to be connected has become critical for today’s law enforcement officer, and rugged computers are ideal for the outdoor environment that field officers operate in. They provide versatility and portability. And most importantly, they are designed and built to work in environments that commercial computers would never survive. The challenge is finding a rugged computing system that meets the requirements of your department and is also affordable. 

Officers in the field utilize their computers for everything from running license plates as they drive to tapping into the department’s databases and filing reports. Being able to do these tasks seamlessly and reliably is key to their ability to do their jobs efficiently and successfully. These rugged mobile devices provide law enforcement with the tools that they need to serve and protect.

Rugged computers come survival tested to withstand the daily challenges of drops, vibration, moisture, water, dust, and other

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How artist Janice Lourie, 90, became a trailblazing computer scientist at IBM

Janice Lourie and patent attorney Charles Boberg at IBM in 1970. Below them is a monitor displaying a pattern she created with her software.
Janice Lourie and patent attorney Charles Boberg at IBM in 1970. Below them is a monitor displaying a pattern she created with her software.Courtesy of IBM

Back in 1954, Lourie was a technical editor, playing clarinet in a Boston-area ensemble, when the pianist, an MIT chemist, hired her to process data on punch paper tape.

“It was a pretty rote job,” said Lourie, now 90, over Zoom from her home in Arlington, Vt. The chemist published a paper on the project, and in a footnote mentioned Lourie as a contributor.

“It felt wonderful,” she said. She was off and running.

She speaks humbly about her work in computers, as if her path unfolded purely by luck and circumstance. In 1957, IBM hired her, and she moved to New York, where she devised a program implementing a new computer language, LISP, developed by John McCarthy at MIT. The research helped

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Is Box (BOX) Outperforming Other Computer and Technology Stocks This Year?

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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Highlighter Is So Shimmery – I Feel Like a Goddess

I’m a sucker for a good highlighter; I love how ethereal it makes me feel and the glow it gives off. It’s perfect for the no-makeup look, which is something I strive for every time I reach for my makeup. I feel like adding a highlighter to my face instantly makes me look a little more dressed up, like putting on a pair of earrings or a necklace. So naturally, I couldn’t wait to test out Selena Gomez’s much-hyped Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer. The liquid highlighter comes in eight colors, ranging from darker hues to one that is almost iridescent. My favorite pick is Mesmerize because it matches my skin tone and gives off a natural glow, which is something I look for in a highlighter. I have tested many

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Is Ooma (OOMA) Outperforming Other Computer and Technology Stocks This Year?

Investors focused on the Computer and Technology space have likely heard of Ooma (OOMA), but is the stock performing well in comparison to the rest of its sector peers? By taking a look at the stock’s year-to-date performance in comparison to its Computer and Technology peers, we might be able to answer that question.

Ooma is a member of the Computer and Technology sector. This group includes 613 individual stocks and currently holds a Zacks Sector Rank of #12. The Zacks Sector Rank considers 16 different sector groups. The average Zacks Rank of the individual stocks within the groups is measured, and the sectors are listed from best to worst.

The Zacks Rank is a proven system that emphasizes earnings estimates and estimate revisions, highlighting a variety of stocks that are displaying the right characteristics to beat the market over the next one to three months. OOMA is currently sporting

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