5 things I do every morning before I open my compute

It will come as no surprise that my mornings look quite different these days than they did seven months ago. It’s clear: The whole world looks very different.

Aside from the mundane life changes which make up our new “new normal” (taking coffee at home, wearing masks outdoors, dropping my daughter off at the dining table instead of her school and embracing that “#wfh life” instead of meeting my team at our design studio), there is one major shift that I think most people can relate to. As a parent and entrepreneur, I find myself onboarding new employees through Zoom, attending virtual trade shows, catching up with friends and family through FaceTime, using distance learning for my daughter, and unwinding in front of the TV. After a day of these activities, it seems my whole life is unfolding before a screen. And with my phone in hand most waking hours,

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