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Survey finds cloud complexity causes increased challenges

Bridging the Cloud Transformation Gap is a report that evaluates the findings of Aptum’s Global Cloud Impact Study. Aptum’s annual study seeks the opinions of 400 senior IT decision makers. Keep in mind that these sponsored reports can be self-serving, either for lead generation or to promote a publisher’s dogma. This report is behind a registration wall. 

Despite possible biases, some good data points here address the intent to migrate to clouds versus the reality of doing so. I found the information realistic, considering that similar reports only cover the positive aspects of cloud migration. One of the more interesting bits of data:

“The survey reveals this with 62 percent of respondents citing complexity and abundance of choice as a hindrance when planning a cloud transformation. One of the biggest sources of complexity that crops up in more advanced cloud projects are legacy systems.”

If these issues sound familiar, I’ve

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Amazon’s October Prime Day Date Spurs Other Deal-Day Clones, Creating Complexity For Brands

Prime Day, held in July for the past five years, was a sales oasis in the middle of the typically slow summer months. This year, with usual plans thwarted by COVID-19, the marketplace giant officially landed on a mid-October date for the event.  

Other retailers who have previously held sales events to counter Amazon’s, have launched their own shopping holidays. The effect, eMarketer points out in its latest report, takes Prime Day from ‘Black Friday in July’ to early holiday season kickoff.  

This gives brands big opportunities to capture sales, but also significant challenges. How to capture huge shopper demand not only on Amazon, but not neglect other marketplaces and retailers too? How to strengthen already-tenuous supply chain and logistics to stay in-stock and fulfil delivery promises? And what effect will these October sales have on the pre-planned Black Friday/Cyber Monday events?  Will shoppers be ready to part

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Effects of technology complexity on the emergence and evolution of wind industry manufacturing locations along global value chains

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