Crisis compels institutes to introduce new-age technology courses

To address the challenges of the changing work environment and inculcate skills required for future jobs, premier institutes in the country are launching courses in the various new-age technologies such as AI, ML, Data Science, Digital HR among others.

“The uncertainty led by the pandemic has resulted in a sudden transformation in workplaces during the last few months. Utilising the data in an organised and efficient way has become crucial today. There is a rising need on devising methods to use such huge data for the benefit of the organisation and the employees,” says Himanshu Rai, director, IIM Indore.

To develop an efficient method of data management and fact-based decision-making, IIM Indore in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy has launched a certification programme on People Analytics and Digital HR. The course aims at providing a platform to undertake various business problems in the fields of employee engagement, hiring, learning and development,

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