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Backward Compatibility, PS4 Game Resolution, PS VR Confirmed


  • About 99% of PS4 games will have backward compatibility for the PS5
  • Playing select PS4 games on the new console will see better loading speeds and graphics
  • To enjoy PlayStation VR on the PS5, players will need the PS Camera for PS4 

With a month to go before the PlayStation 5 officially launches, Sony has answered a few burning questions for those who are curious about the next-gen console.

Posting on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony dealt mostly with questions regarding backward compatibility and PlayStation VR, and put a few rumors to rest while addressing some things that may have been leaving those curious about the PS5 anxious.

Regarding backward compatibility that was not in the plans for the PlayStation 4 when that system launched, Sony said that this time around 99% of PS4 titles will work on the PS5, confirming something previously teased by Sony Interactive Entertainment

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YouTube website re-enables iOS 14 picture-in-picture compatibility

YouTube on Thursday restored compatibility with Apple’s iOS 14 picture-in-picture feature, allowing all users to view minimized content from a mobile browser.

Earlier this month, the Google streaming video unit restricted PiP functionality to YouTube Premium subscribers.

The YouTube app does not yet support the feature on iOS, but the service’s website proved a useful workaround until roughly two weeks ago. With PiP still functional for Premium users and on YouTube content embedded in third-party webpages, it was thought that the company had actively updated code on its mobile site to block free access to the iOS 14 feature. Such a move would be warranted as PiP essentially enables background audio, a popular Premium-only feature.

As noted by MacRumors, however, it appears that compatibility has returned.

Whether the change is permanent remains unclear, but for now all users — both Premium subscribers and those with free

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Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility Test: Older Games Double Performance


  • Backward compatibility has long been desired for newer consoles to play older generation games
  • A video testing the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X yielded positive results
  • With fewer games at launch due to the pandemic, this is welcome news for Xbox Series X

The issue of backward compatibility is often raised when a new console from a line of previous consoles is on the horizon.

Having access to a library of older games from the PlayStation family for the PlayStation 5 or older Xbox games for the Xbox Series X makes the wait for newer titles a bit more bearable. It’s become enough of a concern that no less than the CEO of PlayStation had to declare the PS5’s backward compatibility recently.

It would seem that the Xbox Series X does very well when it comes to backward compatibility. Previous generation games, including “Rise of the

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Quick resume, backwards compatibility and faster load times

The Xbox Series X is here. Sort of. While we have a final hardware unit of the coming-soon new game console from Microsoft , our hands-on experience to date is with a handful of backwards-looking features and technical improvements to how games load.

That means no impressions — yet — of next-gen games running at 4K on the Xbox Series X. Instead we got to try a selection of previously released games running in backwards compatibility mode and got to play with the improved loading times and a new feature called Quick Resume, which is frankly one of the most impressive things we’ve seen in game hardware in some time. 


Read more: GameSpot’s full Xbox Series X coverage 

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CNET’s Jeff Bakalar and GameSpot’s Michael Higham both got to test out these new features on Xbox Series X hardware and spoke about their experiences in

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PS5 Backwards Compatibility: 99% Of PS4 Games Will Work, Sony Boss Says

In the aftermath of the PS5 showcase event, we now finally know the price and release date of the PlayStation 5. The system will launch on November 12 in a handful of major regions alongside a modest lineup of new games. However, you’ll be able to play various PlayStation 4 games on the system at launch, and it sounds like the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility capabilities will run deeper than we initially thought.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan said that backwards compatibility has been tested with “thousands” of games, and that most of them work. In fact, the figure he gives is “99 percent,” meaning that it will be rare for a PS4 game to not work on Sony’s new console.

Sony initially confirmed that the PS5 will be able to run most of the “top 100” PS4 games, but

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PS5 Backwards Compatibility: No Support For PS3, PS2, Or PS1, Says Ubisoft

The latest chapter of the backwards compatibility saga for PlayStation has unfolded. Sony has been somewhat coy about details regarding the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility support, and specifically whether it will be able to play games from generations prior to the PlayStation 4. Will you be able to play PS3, PS2, and original PlayStation titles on a PS5? According to Ubisoft, those systems’ games are not supported on the next-gen console–although whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

A Ubisoft support page explains how its titles will transition from PS4 to PS5, as each publisher seems to be taking a different approach to cross-gen upgrades. The post mentions that PS4 players will be able to play games with PS5 players online, which aligns with Ubisoft’s commitment thus far to offer free next-generation upgrades for titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion.

Near the end though,

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