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What’s new with Futures Command’s auto-loader tech?

Video: What’s new with Futures Command’s auto-loader tech?

Brig. Gen. John Rafferty of U.S. Army Futures Command provides an update on auto-loaders for long-range fires capabilities.

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    Military dogs testing AR goggles to receive handlers’ commands

    (CNN) — Dogs working in the United States military could in the future wear augmented reality goggles that enable soldiers to give them remote commands.

    The goggles are being developed by Command Sight, a Seattle-based company, with US Army research funding, and would allow military dogs to assist in rescue operations and scout potentially dangerous areas for hazards and explosives while their handlers remain at a safe distance.

    The technology, which the US Army says is the first of its kind, works by letting a handler see everything the dog can see and then provide specific commands using visual cues that show up in the dog’s line of vision.

    Currently, military dogs are most commonly directed with hand signals or laser pointers, which require the handler to be in close proximity. Handlers can also use audio communication, with a camera and radio attached to the dog, but the commands can

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