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When is iPhone 12 coming out? We now know for sure

Editors’ note: We were right! The iPhone 12 launch will take place on Oct. 13. Below is our original prediction and analysis. 

The iPhone 11 at last year's iPhone launch event. James Martin/CNET

© Provided by CNET
The iPhone 11 at last year’s iPhone launch event. James Martin/CNET

Although Apple held a September virtual event (here’s everything Apple announced), those expecting iPhones were disappointed — the event focused on the new Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE and iPads instead. The announcement date for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Max and possible 12 Pro Max (or the iPhone 12 Mini?) remains up in the air. Note that Apple has not confirmed the names of the phones, but we’ll go with those for now. Our best guess, however, as to when Apple will announce the phones is either Oct. 13 or 14.


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Before we explain why, note that Apple has not released any

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Apple iPhone 12 announcement coming at Oct. 13 event: What to expect

  • Apple is holding a big event on October 13, and its new iPhone 12 lineup is expected to be the main attraction.
  • It’s shaping up to be a major launch for Apple, as some analysts say this could be the company’s biggest upgrade cycle in years.
  • Several other products are rumored to be in Apple’s pipeline, but this event is expected to squarely focus on the iPhone.
  • The one exception may be the introduction of a cheaper new HomePod speaker. 
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Apple announced two new Apple Watches last month, but it’s far from being finished when it comes to new product launches for the year.

The company is holding an event on October 13, where it’s widely expected to unveil four new iPhones and possibly a new HomePod.

The iPhone 12 launch is expected to be the main attraction during Apple’s big event. Apple

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Demi Lovato, Tan France to Host Coming Out Special Today

In celebration of National Coming Out Day this Sunday, Facebook is premiering an hourlong special hosted by singer Demi Lovato and Queer Eye star Tan France. The special, Coming Out 2020, will feature LGBTQ artists, entertainers, and activists sharing testimonials about how they came out.

The special is one hour long and features testimonials from model/actor Ruby Rose (Batwoman), actor and businesswoman Angelica Ross (Trans Tech Social, Pose), drag queen Trixie Mattel, image architect Law Roach, actor Nico Tortorella (Younger), influencer Tyler Oakley, and ballroom icon Leiomy Maldonado. Queer recording artist LP will also appear for a musical performance.

Produced by Scout Productions, who also makes Queer Eye, Coming Out 2020 looks to boost LGBTQ+ voices, and provide advice and messages of support to LGBTQ+ people struggling with coming out. Whether you’re closeted, wondering how to talk to your parents about gender, or

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reportedly said xCloud is coming to iOS

The timing of Spencer’s comment is especially interesting as earlier today Microsoft detailed ten app store principles that it claimed will “promote choice, ensure fairness and promote innovation on Windows 10.” Among the promises, Microsoft said it wouldn’t block competing app stores from Windows, and wouldn’t block apps from its store based on a developer’s choice of payment processing for in-app purchases — which is specifically what the fight between Apple and Epic is focusing on. It also touched on its own issue with the Apple setup by promising not to block an app based on “whether content is installed on a device or streamed from the cloud.”

The folks at Epic Games called it “the future of

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Coming out of retirement | Latest News

PINETOP-LAKESIDE – Retirement doesn’t always mean riding off into the sunset.

Coming out of retirement

Retiring from Sequoia Village School in Linden after 20 years as an educator and principal, Mindy Savoia launched a new career. working 10 to 12 hour days as an author. ‘Ride into Life,’ the first of her trilogy, has launched and she is riding high.

After a 20-year career as a teacher and principal at Sequoia Village School in Linden, Mindy Savoia did take a ride, not into the sunset, but home to her own office. Donning the role of author, the fruits of her labor hit the market this week and the first of her trilogy, “Ride into Life,” has sparked positive public response and she is riding high.

Coming out of retirement

Launching “Ride into Life,” this month, local author Mindy Savoia expects the second of her trilogy to hit the market before Christmas.


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More Than Half Of Tech Companies Plan To Dispose Of Real Estate In Coming Months


Wikimedia Commons/Hakilon

Technology companies across the country expect to need less office space in the coming years, a sign of falling demand in the commercial real estate market. 

Tenant representation firm Savills released a survey Thursday of 250 technology companies that found 82% anticipate needing less office space over the next 12 to 18 months, and 55% plan to dispose of existing space over that time period. 

This disposal of space is already happening in a big way, with a wave of sublease listings hitting the market, Savills Executive Managing Director Zev Holzman said. 

“Every day there is new sublease space hitting the market from tech companies of all sizes,” Holzman said. “We’re seeing a very steady flow of new subleases hitting the market.”

Holzman said many of the sublease listings are between 10K SF and 20K SF, but one much larger space hit the market in the D.C. area

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Is There a Tech Bubble 2.0 Coming?

Recently, we’ve been hearing a familiar refrain: The world has changed, and technology companies are again leading the way. How we collectively shop, communicate, work and access entertainment all have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With such massive shifts in everyday life, the existing paradigm has been disrupted, accelerating trends and creating winners and losers among providers of goods and services to businesses and consumers.

Many tech and communications companies perceived as winners in a post-COVID world have seen stock prices soar, while other parts of the market have swooned. The result? Investors have piled into a handful of names in droves, most notably the so-called FAANGM stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft).

These businesses seem to have defied expectations by performing comparatively well in the initial sharp decline from mid-February to March 23. Yet, they also fared well in the subsequent, robust rebound. Technology leaders

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Ad-Tech And Perion Are Coming Back, Fast (NASDAQ:PERI)

Perion Network Ltd. (PERI) is on a turnaround path for the last three years, and the company’s three-pronged approach is starting to deliver, just when the digital advertising industry is showing signs of stability after suffering one of worth downturns due to COVID-19.

The stock is trading around levels seen five years ago, and this combination of business turning around and the industry fundamentals stabilizing does offer an opportunity to the stock to break out of the range.

After the weak second quarter, Perion has come back fast. When many players are shying away from giving guidance, the company was among the first ones to not just reinstate guidance but also to increase it meaningfully, i.e., second-half revenue growth of 38% over the first half and adjusted EBITDA growth of 100% during the same period.

Besides improving financials, recent acquisitions and expanding partnerships are making the business ready for the

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Poco confirms true Poco F1 successor is coming, addresses rebranding

A Poco F1 successor is reportedly coming.

  • A Poco executive has apparently claimed that a true Poco F1 successor is on the way.
  • The representative also addressed criticism of the brand’s rebranding strategy.
  • Poco will reportedly continue to offer rebranded devices in the future.

The Poco F2 Pro is one of the best affordable flagships in 2020, coming as a rebranded version of the China-only Redmi K30 Pro. Nevertheless, we thought it made all the right compromises for the price.

Still, the $500 price means that the Poco F2 Pro is significantly more expensive than the ~$300 Poco F1 launched back in 2018. Now, Poco country director Anuj Sharma has confirmed to The Indian Express that the Poco F2 Pro isn’t coming to India.

Furthermore, the Poco exec said a real successor to the Poco F1 is indeed coming:

The Poco F1 was a device that changed the market and consumers expect the same from the successor.

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Marvel’s New Mutants Blu-ray and digital release coming Nov. 17

You can add the latest X-Men movie, The New Mutants, to your collection on Nov. 17 when the film arrives on digital, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. Digital, The digital, 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray copies will be loaded with bonus features like deleted scenes, interviews with cast members, and comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz and the filmmakers weighing in on the origins of and influences on the characters.

Maisie Williams et al. standing in front of a brick building: Have you seen The New Mutants yet? 20th Century Studios

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Have you seen The New Mutants yet? 20th Century Studios

See digital at Amazon

See Blu-ray at Best Buy

In the UK, it’ll hit Blu-ray and digital at a later date, Disney confirmed to CNET.

The movie was set to be in theaters in April 2018. After multiple delays, the film, directed and co-written by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), was finally released in August. 

Read more: The New Mutants team on why the superhero

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