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How to avoid the coming air conditioning crunch

As record-breaking heat waves baked Californians last month, the collective strain of millions of air conditioners forced the state’s grid operators to plunge hundreds of thousands of households into darkness.

The rolling blackouts offered just a small hint of what’s likely to come in California and far beyond. Growing populations, rising incomes, increasing urbanization, and climbing summer temperatures could triple the number of AC units installed worldwide by midcentury, pushing the total toward 6 billion, according to the International Energy Agency’s Future of Cooling report.

Indeed, air conditioning represents one of the most insidious challenges of climate change, and one of the most difficult technological problems to fix. The more the world warms, the more we’ll need cooling—not merely for comfort, but for health and survival in large parts of the world.

But air conditioners themselves produce enough heat to measurably boost urban temperatures, and they leak out highly potent

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Apple Watch watchOS 7 update: Best new features coming to Apple Watch

  • Apple’s new watchOS 7 software will be coming to Apple Watch models in the fall, but watch owners can try an early version for the first time.
  • Among the most notable additions are the introduction of sleep tracking and new workout types as well has automatic handwashing detection.
  • The update is a sign that Apple is pushing even more deeply into health as it fends off competition from Fitbit, Samsung, and newcomers like Amazon. 
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You don’t necessarily need to upgrade your Apple Watch to get some of Apple’s newest features. This fall, Apple Watch owners will find a slew of new capabilities on their watches, from handwashing detection to new workout modes.

Apple introduced its latest update, watchOS 7, during its Worldwide Developers Conference at the end of June. A beta version of the software is available now — marking the first time

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Vigor Is Coming To PS5/PS4 This Year, And Going Free-To-Play On Switch

Vigor is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 later this year. The online shooter, which launched on Switch earlier this year, will also go free-to-play on Nintendo’s platform–right now, you can only play with a $20 Founder’s Pack purchase.

IGN has revealed, as part of their Gamescom 2020 coverage, that the game will come to the PS4 on November 25, and over the holiday period for PS5 (the system’s release date has not been announced yet). For Switch players, you’ll be able to play the game without a purchase from September 23.

Vigor is a multiplayer online loot-shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Norway, in which players have to team up to stay alive and overcome the challenges of the environment.

The Switch version released alongside Season 4 of the game; that will have likely ended by the time the PlayStation version of the game drops.

Back in 2018, Vigor was

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