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Why the Government Should Get Comfortable with Technology Escrow for Classified IP

The federal government has been using technology escrow to safeguard their commercial off-the-shelf software for decades, but agencies appear hesitant to use this same protection for classified software and other technology.

Technology escrow is a service that mitigates the risk of technology acquisition. With an escrow contract, software source code or other IP from the developer is placed in a secure escrow account held by an escrow agent—a trusted independent third party. If in the future, the developer is no longer able to support the product for reasons specified in the escrow agreement—such as bankruptcy, obsolescence, merger or acquisition—the technology buyer will still have access to the source code, IP, and other “know how” to keep their mission-critical applications and systems up and running. 

Any technical data package can be protected with a technology escrow agreement. If escrow will be required, the government entity should make this requirement known in

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Technical Discussion: It is shaping up to be a very comfortable late summer weekend! | News



High pressure will drift across New England today, and that means we’ll enjoy a fantastic day. The sky will be mostly sunny, and highs will range from 70-75. Plus, the air will be very dry with dew points in the 40s.

Tonight will be partly cloudy and comfortable with lows 50-55.

By tomorrow, a large area of high pressure will be centered over the Canadian Maritimes. Meanwhile, a cold front will approach New England from the west. As a result, a southeasterly to southerly flow will spread some ocean moisture into Connecticut. Therefore, Sunday won’t be as bright as today. However, we’ll likely see a mix of clouds and some partial sunshine, and we don’t expect any rain. The afternoon will be seasonably warm with highs in the 70s.

A few isolated or scattered showers may arrive with the cold front Sunday night. However, the front will have

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3 Leadership Practices That Will Help You Get Comfortable with Chaos

As C-suite leaders, setting the tone is paramount when it comes to morale. When Covid-19 disrupted businesses, leaders were tasked with not only adopting a new shift in workflow, but also managing widespread anxiety felt across organizations.

While fear evokes a strong response, the result from anxiety-based motivation is not only not sustainable, but it’s also detrimental to the workforce. The solution? C-suite leaders need be comfortable with chaos and find a more positive way to lead.

In order to keep teams motivated amid industry and global changes, leaders must keep three best practices top of mind.  

Be versatile.

As an employee’s work environment dramatically changes, the ability to look to an effective leader remains a constant that pays dividends when it comes to productivity.

“The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is grappling with constant change; by the time your team masters a new process or workflow, in an

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