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How Firefighters Are Effectively Utilizing UAVs To Combat Wildfires

Tim Sheehy is the CEO and Founder of Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) and Bridger Aerospace.

Somewhere around the world firefighters are gearing up to tackle a wildfire. To manage the rapid, unpredictable and destructive spread, firefighters are opting for sophisticated resources and innovative technology.

An example of the magnitude of wildfires is the Camp Fire, which broke out in Northern California in November 2018. This wildfire marked one of the United States’ deadliest wildfires on record. It engulfed 153,336 acres of land, destroyed 18,804 buildings and caused 85 fatalities. More recently, Australia was hit by a series of destructive bushfires that burned approximately 42 million acres of land. A total of 33 citizens died, including nine firefighters who risked their lives to tackle the blaze.

The scale and intensity of wildfires continue to amplify, threatening humans, wildlife, vital infrastructure and natural resources at unprecedented levels. Response and suppression methods

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New devices installed to combat lightning forming at beaches

A new system built into lifeguard stands is designed to stop a lightening strike from forming in order to protect first responders and beachgoers during a storm.

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — Manatee County has finished installing 11 new lifeguard stands on Coquina, Cortez and Holmes beaches. On those stands is a neat new piece of technology used to keep first responders from being struck by lightning when clearing the beach during a storm.

“We are very proactive when it comes to lightning,” said Joe Westerman, chief of Manatee County’s Beach Patrol.

Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S. In fact, there’s so much activity in the Bay area, Florida State University researchers say you have a one in 3,000 chance over the course of your lifetime to get struck by lightning.

Being on the beach with few options for shelter makes you especially vulnerable. That’s why Manatee County has

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Johnson City CSD introduces new technology to combat COVID-19

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — As schools prepare for students to return, Johnson City Central School District officials are thinking of ways to keep staff and students safe and healthy.

The Intelli-Temp thermal scanner made by Intelligreen is the district’s new line of defense to prevent COVID-19.

“It’s accurate to half a degree and we figure we can do 15 to 20 individuals in a minute,” said Assistant Superintendent for Administration Eric Race.

Right now, the district is asking parents to continue to take their child’s temperature before sending them to school because these scanners won’t be used on everyone, every day.

“This was done as an added precaution, to try to mitigate anybody from having a temperature from entering the building,” said Race.

Each morning, students will enter the high school through four doors, creating four lines. Two of those four lines will be tested at random through the scanners.

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Microsoft releases new technology to combat manipulated media

Microsoft on Tuesday rolled out two new technologies aimed at identifying and combatting the influence of manipulated media.

a large building: Microsoft releases new technology to combat manipulated media

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Microsoft releases new technology to combat manipulated media

One, the Microsoft Video Authenticator, can analyze photos and videos and give a percentage chance that they have been artificially changed, the company said in a blog post.

The other includes technology helping creators add digital hashes and certificates to content made in Microsoft as well as a reader that can check those hashes and certificates.

Ideally, those two pieces would help users know the creator of content and be able to verify it has not been changed.

Microsoft also announced Tuesday that it is partnering with the nonprofit AI Foundation to make the new video authentication software available to news outlets and political campaigns.

The software company is also partnering with the BCC, CBC and The New York Times on

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