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COVID-19 changed the way we approach technology | Feature Columnist

In the initial chaos of COVID-19, everyone had to adjust quickly to new ways of interacting with technology.

The pandemic impacted every area of life from work, to community involvement to parents providing virtual learning assistance with school and even our leisure time. The learning curve may have seemed steep at times, but it will have a lasting impact on how technology integrates into our daily lives.

  • Working remotely: Social distancing, essential business designations and school and daycare closings forced many Rocky Mount employees to work from home. Remote communication technology suddenly became a necessity as companies scrambled to adjust. Organizations that previously balked at using Facebook now gave regular updates through social media. This rapid shift pushed leaders to create new ways to support employees virtually, and to re-evaluate the previously accepted norms of work hours and benefits across many industries.

In May, just two months after its workforce

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Advantages of Universal Design for persons with disabilities | Columnist

IN Trinidad and Tobago, transforming our existing buildings and creating new interior and exterior spaces that facilitate people with disabilities often seems to be an afterthought and not on the list of priorities.

In the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago Population and Housing Census it was reported that there are approximately 52,244 persons in our country living with a disability. That is a minimum of 2.7 per cent of the total population of 1.39 million.

Given that over the past nine years these figures may have increased, it means that there is a need to provide accessibility for a growing number of persons who are marginalised due to lack of access.

Providing truly inclusive design for all is something we do not consider in its entirety. The reality is that holistic planning has only recently been pushed to the forefront after years of advocacy and lobbying by special interest groups, NGOs

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