Colour-coded e-pass system to ensure maximum 400 passengers board a metro train – india news

A colour-coded e-pass system using a mobile phone has been developed by a technology solutions company here for ensuring that a maximum of 400 passengers board a Metro Railway train in the city to maintain Covid-19 health safety protocol after it resumes service.

Sanjay Chatterjee, network and security solutions head of Ideation Technology, which was asked by the Metro authorities to develop the system, said that a bot-based (web robot) technology will be used to generate e-passes that will be colour-coded to ensure that only authorised passengers enter the stations at a given time in order to maintain the maximum passenger count.

“The main challenge was to come up with a solution which can be easily used by people – those who have smartphones and also those who have analogue phones; without installing any app,” he told PTI.

“So we came up with a simple technology, we have developed a

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